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A magical video for the Cenerentola DOC Orcia

A magical video for the Cenerentola DOC Orcia

The story of a wine becomes a fairytale during the grape harvest, and Cinderella’s shoe takes us to see vineyards, cellars, barrel ageing rooms and then to the final surprise.

Here is the Prince’s page holding a cushion onto which lays a glittery shoe, shiny like the moon. He visits a Sangiovese vineyard, on the hills surrounding Fattoria del Colle, during the harvest, he sees a girl picking grapes and he asks her to try the shoe on. It doesn’t fit.

Then he goes into the fermentation room where the Sangiovese and Foglia Tonda must, in different vats, are changing into wine; the page sees a cellar girl and asks her to try on the shoe. It doesn’t fit.

Another try in the candle lit barrel ageing room, among the barrels and tonneaux, the page finds another cellar girl. She too tries it on but it doesn’t fit. Although in the winery the staff is made up of only women so there is a vast possibility, none of them are right for Cinderella’s shoe.

Finally the page reaches Fattoria del Colle where there is an enormous fireplace in the 16rh century kitchen of the villa. Here he finds a young woman who is sipping a glass of red wine, He asks her to try on the shoe and she turns into a princess. Then the bottle of Cenerentola 2015 appears. The wine that after 15 years from its first harvest has reached an extraordinary level in harmony and personality. This is Cenerentola!

This is the story told in a short video created by Tommaso Dironato, who shows us playfully, with a mixture of fairytale and reality how the Cenerentola wine is born and how it becomes a Princess of international wine making.


The Cenerentola wine has suffered until it has finally established itself but today it has fans all over the world. It is exported to 15 nations. Now other than the wine lovers, the wine critics also appreciate Cenerentola: it has obtained 90/100 from Robert Parker Wine Advocate and 91/100 from Wine Spectator.

Cenerentola2012OrciaDoc-IMG_7438-300x200QUANTITY PRODUCED only 10.000 bottles per year and only in the best vintages. The Cenerentola wine is apt for long ageing. To preserve it well keep the bottles laying down in a dark and cool place.


The Cenerentola wine belongs to the DOC Orcia appellation born on February 14th 2000 (Valentine’s Day) between the Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montalcino wine territories. Orcia is consequently the younger, situated between the two richer “sisters” who also get invited to the tables of prices and kings like the sisters in the fairytale.

Cenerentola Orcia Doc

Cenerentola Orcia Doc

And like Cinderella she has the grit and the desire to succeed and in the end she will marry the Prince Charming just like in the story. This wine is born under the sign of love <<you are my Cenerentola>> <<and you are my prince>>. On the label there is a woman with no face who is coming down a staircase, at night, on the Tuscan hills. This is any woman who   accepts challenges and wishes to love.


The story of this wine talks about a challenge, a challenge for young DOC wine region to get itself noticed.

Obviously to succeed she needs a touch of magic.

For this reason Donatella Cinelli Colombini who produces the Cenerentola wine at Fattoria del Colle, on the high hills in Southern Tuscany, has chosen to use two autochthonous varieties: Sangiovese king of the Tuscan vines and Foglia Tonda a variety abandoned more than a century ago. This is the spell that makes Cenerentola different.

In the 19th century the poor Tuscan farmers did not practice the green harvesting, and so the  Foglia Tonda vine which spontaneously produce a lot of grapes, were unable to ripen all of their clusters. Today, cultivating the vines with great attention and reducing the number of clusters, these reach the cellar perfectly ripe.

The Foglia Tonda variety is typical of the Southern Tuscany area, long ago it was greatly used, today it is very rare, and in total there are less than 20 hectares of this variety. It produces very powerful wines and for this it is the perfect companion for Sangiovese that has elegance but not power. Together they create a unique wine, different to all others but with absolutely Tuscan characteristics.



It has been difficult learning how to cultivate the Foglia Tonda variety and it has taken some years. The first vines were obtained with 400 grafts from vitarium from the Regione Toscana. From the first vines the Foglia Tonda has slowly been multiplied. The Professor Cesare Intrieri from the University in Bologna supplied us with rooted vine grafts for another vineyard. The cultivation is organic, and very manual, from the winter pruning o the grape harvest, every day the vines receive assiduous attention.

While the experiments continued to bring equilibrium to the Foglia Tonda vines, in the cellar different contains were tried to find the most apt.

The first vintage of the Cenerentola wine, in 2001, was aged in barriques. Quite soon these were substitute with small casks, 5-7 hl tonneaux, and 15hl traditional barrels. Cenerentola stays in barrel for about one year.

Today there is a naked-concrete egg shake vat where the Cenerentola rests after the blending of Sangiovese (65%) and Foglia Tonda (35%) so as to reach the bottle in perfect conditions.



Colour: intense, brilliant ruby red

Aroma:  complex, fine, full, with a vinous aroma mixed with red and exotic fruits, spices and some mineral notes.

Taste: full, powerful, warm, harmonious. The robust structure, which guarantees long ageing, is perfectly balanced by the fruit. Very persistent.

Serve with: may be served with important meats and aged cheeses. Avoid vinegar, raw onion and garlic, artichokes and asparagus. Serve at room temperature (18-20 °C) in crystal balloon shaped wine goblets.


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