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Offer: preview five-star Chianti Superiore DOCG 2019

Offer: preview five-star Chianti Superiore DOCG 2019

Our loyal wine lovers will be the first to drink the Chianti Superiore DOCG 2019 BIO 5-star harvest. At home with professional corkscrew and vacuum stopper


Offer-Chianti-Superiore-DOCG-2019-BIO-12-bottles-Donatella-Cinelli Colombini

Offer-Chianti-Superiore-DOCG-2019-BIO-12-bottles-Donatella-Cinelli Colombini

The 2019 harvest was extraordinary for Sangiovese in Tuscany. Small bunches, small berries and perfect ripening. The strong temperature range of September 2019  determined the characteristic element of the wines from this vintage which is the richness of the aromas.

To be among the first to taste the 2019 Chianti Superiore vintage will allow you to appreciate and make your friends appreciate, a small masterpiece. It is a great young wine and at the same time it is easy to drink and accompany with any dish: from the Florentine steak cooked on the grill to a brunch with cold cuts and cheeses but even with Asian dishes. In fact, the great value of Chianti is to be extraordinarily easy to match and maintain its pleasantness with all foods except with absolutely inappropriate things such as ice cream.

But we are sure that you will not do anything like that.

Indeed, to facilitate the service on the table we combine the bottles with a professional corkscrew and a vacuum stopper (it works as a plunger just put it on the bottle without a cap, raise and lower the upper part until it becomes hard) to extract the air from the half full bottles and then finish the Chianti Superiore the next day and maybe discover that you like it even more.

Chianti Superiore is a type of Chianti of a higher level: the grapes come from vineyards that are not very productive and of this wine is requested a “superior” level as the name indicates.   What we propose comes from the vineyards at Fattoria del Colle, that was built by the ancestors of the current owner, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, in 1592.



Offer-Chianti-2019-12-bottles-Donatella-Cinelli Colombini

Offer-Chianti-2019-12-bottles-Donatella-Cinelli Colombini

12 bottles of Chianti Superiore DOCG BIO (organic) 2019 + a professional corkscrew and a vacuum closure: Euro 119 (instead of Euro 156)
For those who wish to double the order buying 24 bottles the price is even more convenient
Euro 233 (instead of Euro 312)
Free shipping in Italy, 15 Euro discount on shipping abroad.



12 bottles of Chianti Superiore DOCG BIO (organic) 2019 + a professional corkscrew and a vacuum closure: Euro 135 (instead of Euro 156)
For those who wish to double the order buying 24 bottles there is an ulterior advantage
Euro 261 (instead of Euro 312)
Free shipping in Italy, 15 Euro discount on shipping abroad.



The offer will end on September 3rd, 2021.



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Chianti Superiore, organic of a 5-star harvest.  A family wine made in Tuscany: born from the vineyards and cellars at Fattoria del Colle. Its altitude, of 404 meters above sea level, with cool nights, allows a slow and gradual ripening of the grapes. The farm is located in the South of Tuscany on a land of neo-Quaternary age with sea sands and clays. The vineyards are on top of the hills in positions well exposed to the sun with excellent ventilation.

The climate was particularly favourable in 2019. The very rainy spring, especially in April and May hydrated the soil allowing the vines to well withstand the heat of summer .There were only two major storms (1 July and 15 September) for a total of almost 200 mm of water. They were the magic touch needed for a masterpiece harvest. The 2019 grapes were perfect with very small, healthy bunches and berries, ripened in a very balanced way.



TYPE: dry red.
PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle
VINTAGE CHARACTERS: Dry winter, very rainy April and May, hot summer interrupted by two thunderstorms. September with sunny days and almost cold nights that allowed a gradual maturation of the grapes and an extraordinary synthesis of the aromas.
VARIETAL: Sangiovese with small additions of grapes authorized in Tuscany.
HARVEST: manual harvesting with selection of clusters in the vineyard to pick only the grapes with the same level of ripening. This involved repeated passages in the same vineyards and allowed to vinify the entire production separately and optimally. In the cellar a further selection of grapes (mechanical and manual) was carried out on the sorting table.
VINIFICATION: healthy and ripe bunches. Very small calibre berries. Perfectly lignified grape seeds. Excellent Ph and extractable polyphenol content. Vinification was regular: 10 days of alcoholic fermentation followed by 15 days of maceration in contact with grape skins.
QUANTITY PRODUCED: 45.000 bottles



COLOUR: bright ruby red.
BOUQUET: rich in references to small ripe red fruits such as cherry, blackberry, blueberry. Floral suggestions that mainly concern the violet. The aroma is fine, clean, complex, and rich in nuances.
TASTE: has the typical and traditional elements of Chianti thanks to the good acid structure that promises longevity, silky tannin and an excellent flavour. In the mouth it is satisfying, harmonious and with a very pleasant persistence.



FOOD PAIRING: Chianti Superiore is a gastronomic wine that means it is born to accompany food. It is very versatile and goes well with typical Italian dishes based on pasta, meat, cheese or cold cuts but also fusion cuisines or dishes from other cultures such as non-spicy Chinese dishes or Indian ones such as Vindaloo veal or Tandoori chicken.
TABLE SERVICE: room temperature (18-20°C), white crystal tulip shaped glasses.
CELLARING: 4-5 years after the harvest. Lay bottles in the dark and in the cold.