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Orcia Doc Cenerentola puts on her crown

Orcia Doc Cenerentola puts on her crown

Cenerentola becomes a princess with the 2015 harvest. A five star harvest with quality levels never reached before for Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Orcia Doc wine



Cenerentola becomes a princess with the 2015 harvest. This is the happy finale after a long journey, lots of trials, lots of hopes and a great dream. It was in 2000 that Donatella Cinelli Colombini fell in love with a Sienese grape variety that was practically extinct: Foglia Tonda. A vigorous and rustic variety that in the poor Tuscan vineyards a century ago did not get thinned out with green harvesting and consequently did not ripen. But Donatella together with her agronomists has found the way to make the vines less productive and bring the clusters to perfect ripening. They also learnt which are the best soils and expositions for this variety that, if cultivated in humid areas with little sun well expresses its objections.

In the cellar too there have been many experiments and not all lucky ones. Now the Foglia Tonda variety is picked for last, it ferments and ages alone, for at least 12 months in 5 hectolitres French oak tonneaux, this is when it joins the best Sangiovese made at Fattoria del Colle.



In its sales Cenerentola’s story is all uphill, like all other wines based on rare autochthonous grape varieties.

It is different and 15 years ago journalists’ appreciation didn’t go to more territorial wine making. Then what was rare become trendy, the autochthonous, like what is natural, and so Cenerentola began to find more and more important and better and better ratings from the great experts. Finally with the 2013 vintage the commercial success arrived and there were no longer enough bottles. 2015 is a land mark for this wine, it has reached its full quality quota and a harmony expressed in the high notes of taste intensity. Cenerentola is ready to become a princess and in fact the 2015 harvest the Prince Charming is arriving too.



The appellation Orcia was born on February 14th 2000 in the area between the Brunello territory and the Nobile to Montepulciano zone. These are to step sisters who are older and richer than the feisty DOC who challenges with courage. It is quite her novelty and diversity that is now bringing the successes.


Type: dry red

Appellation: Orcia Doc

Production area: Toscana, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle vineyards.

Vintage characteristics: Mild and rainy winter, spring so rainy to disturb the flowering and so reducing the number of clusters. Early budding and anticipated vegetative cycle when the great heat brought it to a stop. The Colouring of the grapes began on July 25th and lasted more than two weeks. August had storms, September was calmer, the nights were nearly cold and permitted an excellent synthesis of perfumes and a slow and gradual ripening.

Grape types: 65% Sangiovese (Brunello), 35% Foglia Tonda.

Grape harvest: A team of 15 pickers handpicked the grape choosing them cluster by cluster. In less than 30 minutes the grapes reached the cellar where the best grapes were selected on the sorting table.

Vinification: fermentation in 80-100hl temperature controlled stainless steel vats for 15 days.

Ageing: 12 months in 5 hl French oak tonneaux and in small barrels. For the first time we used a cement egg shaped tank for the last phase before bottling.


Quantity produced: 10,000 bottles

Colour: intense, brilliant ruby red

Aroma:  complex, fine, full, with a vinous aroma mixed with red and exotic fruits, spices and some mineral notes.

Taste: full, powerful, warm, harmonious. The robust structure, which guarantees long ageing, is perfectly balanced by the fruit. Very persistent.

Serve with important meats and aged cheeses. Avoid vinegar, raw onion and garlic, artichokes and asparagus,


Way of serving: Serve at room temperature (18-20 °C) in crystal balloon shaped wine goblets.

Home ageing: 10/20 years. Keep the bottles lying down in a cool dark place.





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