Passito 2014 a sweet masterpiece

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Passito 2014 a sweet masterpiece

In Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s all female staffed wineries, the only man around is Carlo, lover of sweet wines and of this Passito

Carlo with the TRaminer grapes for passito

Carlo with the TRaminer grapes for passito

Producing passito is an annual ritual that captivates Donatella Cinelli Colombini and most of all her husband Carlo Gardini. A maniacal attention that is possible only because very few bottles are made and because Carlo Gardini and the cellar master Barbara Magnani  have unlimited passion for sweet wines. Their efforts have been rewarded with 93/100 for the 2013 production by Wine Advocate.

2014 was in fact the “organic” year, for those, like us at Fattoria del Colle, grow vines without the use of chemical products brought grapes home healthy and ripe. The At the beginning of September the pink clusters of Traminer grapes from the Sanchimento vineyard, surrounding the Chapel at Fattoria del Colle , were picked by hand, and chosen one by one. The cluster were then put into baskets to dry naturally.



This is the most laborious phase in the production because the cellar master Barbara Magnani  must move the grapes continuously according to the weather, if it rains for example. In 2014 the summer was rainy and cool, but at the beginning of September the sun came out and there were only three showers during the whole month. The good weather lasted all of October  while the baskets with the Traminer grapes continued being moved around to find every single ray of sunshine.

traminer for passito Fattoria del Colle

traminer for passito Fattoria del Colle

After more than a month of drying the clusters were vinified and from these a blond nectar with a delicate taste was born.

Type: white, sweet, aromatic.

Production area: Tuscany,Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle,  Sanchimento vineyard.

Classification: IGT Toscana

Vintage characteristics: very rainy vintage with a mild winter and cool summer. The colouring of the grapes was very slow, the vines had many leaves removed.

Grape variety: Aromatic Traminer

Grape harvest: September 8th, with manual harvest and careful choosing of the grapes. The rapes reached the cellar in 5 kg crates.

Drying out of the grapes:  took place in the sun for a whole month.

Drunken pears and Passito di Traminer

Drunken pears and Passito di Traminer

Vinification: after the de-stemming, the grapes were pressed and transferred to the stainless steel vats, the temperature was maintained at about 18/20°C and selected yeasts were inoculated. During this period some short open air pumping overs took place so as to favour the fermentation processes.

Colour: golden yellow

Aroma: aromatic, notes of honey and ripe fruit.

Taste: full, sweet with hints of flowers, honey and yellow fruit.

Match with: this is a wine apt for meditation and is perfectly matched with blue-cheeses, dry biscuits especially if made with almonds.

Way of serving: 8°/10°C, according to whether it is served at the table or during the day use small crystal wine goblets, or even very wide tulip shaped ones .

Home aging: to be consumed within 2020. Keep the bottles lying down in a dark and cool place.

Packaging:  0,375 L bottles

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