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Prime Donne tasting Brunello 2012 and 2010


Prime Donne tasting Brunello 2012 and 2010

Inspiring tasting for the Prime Donne with two 5 star Brunello: the brand new 2012 and the 2010 ready to be prepared for bottling

Daniela Scrobogna and Astrid Schwarztogether with the consultant wine

Women on tasting for Brunello Prime Donne

My daughter and the Prime Donne on tasting

maker Valérie Lavigne and the cellar master Barbara Magnani finished the tasting with a smile, sure to have chosen wines that will have an impact.

With no Brunello 2009 to taste, vintage where the selection Brunello Prime Donne will not be produced, the super tasters concentrated on the vintages 2012 and 2010.
The 2012 inspired them for its power and fullness already well expressed only a few months from vinification. The new 5 and 7 hl barrels in French oak have been chosen for the first phase in ageing of this sumptuous wine.
For the future Brunello 2010 it was in fact the last tasting before bottling. The blend between small and medium barrels chosen by the tasters will permit production of only 6.600 bottles. Less than foreseen by decidedly excellent.