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US women must choose: sex or alcohol

US women must choose: sex or alcohol

The US authorities wish to make women choose between sex or alcohol and the Italian researchers discover that future fathers should also not drink

Sex or alchool: right drinks/birth control parings according to Katie Jean

Sex or alcohol: right drinks/birth control parings according to Katie Jean

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini Brunello Casato Prime Donne

The indication by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages by women in fertile age. According to them half of pregnancies are casual and get recognized only after a few weeks. If the future mum drinks alcohol in the phase she is exposing the child to a risk of malformations. This is the reason for the advice, for fertile women, who do not use contraception, to never consume alcohol. As if to say sex or alcohol. This request has created a pandemonium as it forces women to choose between consumption of alcohol even moderate, and sex. Among the fiercest reactions is that by Katie Jean on Instagram who has published a sketch with the drinks apt for every type of contraception, so those using the pill should drink red wine as they are traditionalists, gin drinkers should use the contraceptive patch, while those who ask their partner to wear a condom is apt for drinking beer because they prefer things that are simple and varied.

sex and alchool - dangers for the baby

sex and alcohol – dangers for the baby

Even though this ironic image travelled the world over, the advice from the CDCP alarmed practically everyone but especially 4 million American women who might remain pregnant. In reality drinking alcohol during the first few days of a pregnancy is not so risky, while those who consume alcohol during the whole pregnancy might have a baby with Foetal alcohol syndrome or FAS, so with a small head a low IQ and heart problems.

Pregnancy and alchool

Pregnancy and alcohol

But here comes the Italian reply that in fact regards fathers who drink, as they too can damage the future child. This study is by Ibcn-Cnr in Rome and has been published in the Addiction Biology Journal. Basically an abundant and prolonged consumption of alcohol influences the father’s DNA with negative effects of the development of the child’s brain and make him a probable future alcoholic. So no alcohol for future parents? Scientific data must be listened to with caution, but what is sure is that future parents should avoid any excesses and take care of their health. Our grandmothers’ advice is always the best!

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