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Easter eggs decorated by Jana

Painted eggs for Easter time

Easter eggs decorated by Jana

Different nations have different cultures and at Easter the tradition of painting eggs is particularly common in Eastern Europe. Here is how to do it

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Painted eggs for Easter time

Decoranting eggs, how to do it

At Fattoria del Colle we have a young girl from Chomutov, an industrial city with 50.000 inhabitants not far form Prague doing some work-experience. Her name is Jana Kurucova and she’s a beautiful multilingual girl who is learning the ins and outs of the front office sector in tourism.
Jana learnt from her mother who in turn saw her grandmother paint Easter eggs. This is a very old tradition and originated from the countryside that still today is carried on in all homes. The decorated eggs are then attached to the blooming laburnum branches, as the eggs originate the joyful symbol of Resurrection and the rebirth of nature connected to springtime.

In the Easter weekend at Fattoria del Colle we have programmed a workshop on painted Easter eggs with Jana as teacher. All the guests will take home a splendid painted egg.

Here for you is the procedure to make at home some wonderful eggs to embellish your Easter table.

Get some fresh chicken eggs, make two small holes on top and underneath and blow hard into the top one so that the egg come out underneath. Wash the inside of the eggs with water, so that with the passing of time they do not smell. Light a white short candle and melt some coloured wax crayons with it. Fix on to the end of some pencils pins with a glass, round pinhead and use these as a

Easter - Decorating eggs with red color

Easter time Jana painting eggs

paintbrush, by immerging the pinheads in the coloured wax. Jana has decorated according to the typical motifs from the Czech Republic but you can have fun with flowers, landscapes, birds … In fact the procedure is a lot easier that it seems, and it lasts because after days and days the eggs are still perfect.
– See more at: https://www.cinellicolombini.it/esperienza-in-fattoria/le-uova-di-pasqua-dipinte-di-jana#sthash.pCiRvImj.dpuf

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