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Tuscan original handicraft at Toscana Lovers in Siena

Toscana lovers tavola apparecchiata

Tuscan original handicraft at Toscana Lovers in Siena



Toscana lovers tavola apparecchiata

A table dressed with handmade tuscan tissues and dishes



In the medieval heart of SienaToscana lovers” offers the best from Tuscan craftsmen,  traditional and trendy items, all exclusive and individually designed and produced


‘ Toscana lovers’ is situated just a few metres from the Piazza del Campo in the Noble Contrada of the Oca; it is not far away from the house where St Catherine was born in 1347. We are obviously in the medieval heart of Siena where the three oldest parts of the city intersect.

The building which currently houses the shop was originally a convent, then in later years, like everything in Fontebranda ward, it was used as a workshop and for commercial trade. It is here that Nello Bianchini started his leather shop in the beginning of the twentieth century.

From Nello the shop passed to his daughter Lelia and from her to her son Carlo Gardini who was born in the apartment above the shop.

Carlo married Donatella Cinelli Colombini, and together, in 2006, they created ‘Toscana lovers’ a shop which is dedicated to stocking the traditional and excellent crafts which are still being produced in Tuscany.

Under the guidance of their daughter Violante and Chiara Nesi ‘Toscana lovers’ has  become a popular place to visit for the most discerning tourists who visit the city. Each season the shop stocks a new selection of handmade products and items of outstanding creativity which have been produced in Tuscany, all of the items are exclusive, each item extremely diverse from each other.   For example items which are to be found in the shop range from the following – knives from Scarperia di Saladini, to the Copper animals by Gallo Rodino, the stunning Busatti fabrics, the dishes and trays of Ceramiche Virginia  and the embroidered sheets of Cotti Maryanne, the cloaks by Casentino and scarves by Neri Firenze, the throws from Cecchi & Cecchi , some soaps from Florentina and last, but not least of course, the wine produced in the wine cellars of the family –  from the Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and the Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda.

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