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We are open, come and have dinner at Fattoria del Colle

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We are open, come and have dinner at Fattoria del Colle

Dining is a cultural experience other than being a great pleasure. At Fattoria del Colle it becomes a melody of flavours, images and great wines


Pears cooked in wine - Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Pears cooked in wine – Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Donatella Cinelli Colombini has collected recipes from housewives in and around Trequanda even before opening the Fattoria del Colle. For the same reason, she has a vegetable garden with lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, Aglione … as well as tarragon, and many types of mint, sage and rosemary …



Obviously the strong point of the Fattoria del Colle restaurant is that the wine comes from the two wineries: Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and the same farm where we make the Chianti Superiore, Supertuscan and Doc Orcia Cenerentola, the latter is becoming a real star in the wine world. The wine list is made up of around 15 preferences including a sparkling wine, a white and a rosé. Those who might think that using wine as a restaurant’s key strength, do not consider that the menu has been constructed to exalt the flavours in the glass and that it is possible to change the wine matched to each dish or something really extraordinary, choose a Brunello vertical tasting selecting from 23 vintages and more than 50 labels between Brunello Riserva, Prime Donne selection and regular Brunello.



If the notes from the glass were not to be sufficient, there are always the explanations from the staff or from the chef Alessandro Sironi who is a sommelier.



The menu concentrates on daily proposals that offer authentic experiences from the Sienese countryside: 6 small servings that alternate bread soups with pinci, noble meats such as Chianina beef, or Cinta Senese pork with vegetables from the vegetable garden, traditional dishes such as the Mantovana, Panforte and pears cooked in wine together with more modern suggestions such as the Semifreddo di Mantovana. Tuscan recipes and ingredients often from farm to table. The list of dishes is a little more austere than previously, but all the same it is able to charm and express the culture of the territory even more than before.



In the menu, it is right to emphasize the simpler things too, such as the produce from the vegetable garden. Tomatoes and lettuce, freshly picked and dressed with an extraordinary Correggiolo extra virgin olive oil, have a taste and crispiness completely different to the same vegetables kept in the refrigerator for several days and maybe cultivated with the use of chemicals. In Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s garden, pesticides and industrial fertilizer have never been used. Everything is natural even the water that comes from a spring.



For groups, a cold cut and cheese tasting has been prepared, included in a tasting meal with 8 samples in addition to a soup and a dessert. The cheese tasting is dominated by the pecorino cheese produced from the milk of the flocks that for two thousand years have grazed on the surrounding hills. The differences between the samples regard mostly the length of the ageing (from raviggiolo to the cheese aged in tuff dens) and those with herbs or leaves added, or even depending on what grains the sheep have eaten.

In the “cold cut tasting”, there is more variety between the meats. There is the Chianina ox Bresaola, this is called the White Giant and is the largest animal for work and meat in the world (the male reaches dimensions similar to an elephant) and it was already present in the area around Fattoria del Colle in Roman times. Another major protagonist the medieval Cinta Senese pig that still today is reared wild in the woods. To eat Cinta Senese prosciutto is a cultural experience even before being a gastronomy one.



The tasting includes wild boar, Sienese sausage, Capocollo and salt-cured prosciutto.



To conclude, a small note regarding the location. The restaurant has two dining rooms, one decorated Liberty-style and with a small fireplace. It is used both in the winter for dinners and in the summer for breakfasts with the buffet organized on a table once used by the Fattoria del Colle bailiff. The larger dining room is a veranda, open on three sides with glazing and enriched with a collection of one hundred year old copper pans. In the summer the terrace in front of the veranda allows for dinners outside, like being in the barnyard. The lighting too recalls old time country feasts with its small hanging bulbs. Not far off is the old barn, recently restored and transformed into a dining hall for parties and banquets, where 100 people can be seated in front of a spectacular panorama over the vineyards and of the small village of Trequanda.

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