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Women of Wine Festival and the Festa delle Donne del Vino

Women of Wine Festival and the Festa delle Donne del Vino

Debra Meiburg queen of wine in China and her event Women of Wine Festival connect with the Festa delle Donne del Vino that now becomes an international network.

Women of Wine Festival

Women of Wine Festival (WOW)

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne

Debra Meiburg is one of the best known experts in the world: she is the first Master of Wine in Asia and is a member of the Education Committee of the famous British Institute.  She is 7th among the most influential women in wine in the world according to Global Ranking, her TV show shown in Chinese taxis has 70 million viewers per month, and she is also wine consultant for Cathay Pacific airlines.

In 2008 she created the in Hong Kong a society called Meiburg Wine Media MWM with the scope of divulging wine culture in Asia. It is a real sort off “wine hub” the works in an immense scenario: from New Delhi to Tokyo, from Beijing to Jakarta.

Women of Wine Festival (WOW) Debra Meiburg and other influencers

Women of Wine Festival (WOW) Debra Meiburg and other influencers

It is for professionals of this market and for wine lovers but it is a point of reference for all press member of this sector, because, other than the traditional forming activities it offers innovative and stimulating services that allow buyers to explore emerging wines and new trends. A never ending job this, including wine competitions, wine tastings, festivals, workshops, where wineries meet buyers, banding actions and conferences that take abroad a better insight of the Chinese market and help wineries from all over the world to sell in Asia.

Women of Wine (WOW) Festival Hong Kong

Women of Wine (WOW) Festival Hong Kong

The Women of Wine Festival (WOW) is organized by Debra Meiburg every year in Hong Kong during the month of March to celebrate the International Women’s day and the major success by women in wine. During the first edition, in 2017, there were woo participants but, it reached, through the media, 4 million wine lovers.  This year the Women of Wine Festival took place on March 1st in Hong Kong. It is also present on the Donne del Vino, and in the Festa delle Donne del vino (3 March 3rd all over Italy) web sites. A web event that becomes an international network.

The key words will be: Inspire, Share, Enhance, Celebrate, Support.

-Inspire women to thrive in their careers

-Share wine knowledge with more women

-Enhance women’s confidence in business

-Celebrate the strength of women in the wine industry

-Support a strong local women’s network

The program includes conferences, wine tastings, workshops, luncheon-tastings, and exhibition area with around the table tastings, gala party and awards.

Two examples above all, these are the themes that will be treated during the workshops on  “Personal Branding”  and on “A career break & how to get leadership back”


-Establish and maintain a company presence on social media

-Etiquette, fashion, advice on lifestyle and personal development



-Returnship: difficulty in returning to work after an interruption in your career

-How to organize a plan for returning to work

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