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Enogastronomicamente comunicando

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Enogastronomicamente comunicando

This is the manual written by Fabio Piccoli and Lavinia Furlani that teaches you to increase your value and that of your estate

Enogastronomicamente comunicando - the book cover

Enogastronomicamente comunicando – the book cover

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Enogastronomicamente comunicando

(Edizioni Le Foglie del Gelso pp. 112, € 18)

Two extraordinary authors: Fabio is a journalist from the food sector; expert in marketing, Lavinia is a philosophic consultant. They are a surprising couple but one that gets wonderful results, because the book really has a new style, and instead of the usual long list of practical pieces of advice “ready for use”. Goes to the root of a problem: sincerity, coherence courage, telling about oneself, boredom of things that have already been said and the need to be creative, optimists, proud of ones own work….

The method chosen to teach these “basics” is worthy of a philosopher such as Lavinia Furlani, because it begins with words and their significance. So there is a sort of glossary, which, step after step, teaches how to take on a communicative attitude.

In the end it is right that we compliment Fabio Piccoli for having revolutionized communication in the world of wine and food.

Fabio Piccoli - the author

Fabio Piccoli – the author

An example? Do you know where the word vino comes from? From the Sanskrit “vena” which means love and from the same root word comes the name of the Roman goddess Venere. Now you will understand why Piccoli and Furlani say that the basics of communication are the love of a grape grower for his work and his bottles?

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