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The highest paid chefs in the world

The highest paid chefs in the world

They earn more from TV programs and advertisements and less from their kitchen hobs. The richest chef in the world is Jamie Oliver while in Italy it’s the Cerea brothers from Da Vittorio


Jamie-Oliver-richest-chefs-in -the- world

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The ranking of the highest paid chefs in the world is by Forbes .The Richest and Celebrity Net Worth’s republished by Career Advice and might seem surprising because the profits do not come from the restaurants but more from the TV and publicity.



Top of the list Jamie Oliver, 42 years of age, handsome, great communicator, he is the best exportation product from the UK. He greatly loves Italian cuisine and kids, and for them he has worked greatly in trying to make their diets healthy and appetizing. He earns 208 million Euro per year for TV programs advertising, consultations, books …..His throne as highest paid chef in the world has one crack in it. The malicious say that his chain of restaurants has 72 million pounds in debts.



In second position of the richest chefs we find Gordon Ramsay with about 100 million euro. He is from Scotland, 51 years of age, a marathon runner, and he has loads of restaurants where he has obtained 16 Michelin stars. His earnings come mostly from the TV where his wrathful temper gets great audience.


Third the Australian Wolfgang Puck, fourth Rachael Ray who specializes in TV programs on quick recipes, Emeril Lagasse has 16 restaurants but earns mostly from the merchandising, Ina Garten financial advisor of the White House and ex manager of the specialty food store called Barefoot Contessa in New York, her profits come from the good use of her brand and not from the cooking.

Mario Batali  Jo Bastianich’s partner, and owner of restaurants and TV programs risks a great deal because of sexual assault claims.


highest-paid-chefs-in-Italy Carea-ristorante-Da-Vittorio

The list of highest paid italian chefs comes from Panbianco and was repeated by Cronachedigusto. The amounts are much lower than those of the foreign chefs. Many associate TV, advertisements and cookery but, there are many , such as the Three Michelin stars Michelin Enrico and Roberto Cerea from the  Da Vittorio restaurant who concentrate on their cooking activities, and working a lot offsite preparing  princely banquets.


  1. Da Vittorio 17, 9 million turnover during the last year (+ 3,5 %)
  2. Alajmo – 13, 4 million turnover (+ 17,6 %)
  3. Cannavacciuolo 9,9 million turnover (+ 25,5 %)
  4. Cracco – 8,1 million turnover (+ 11,6 %)
  5. Bartolini – 6,1 million turnover (+ 30,8 %)
  6. Perbellini – 5,3 million turnover (+ 0,7 %)
  7. Bottura – Not declared for 2017, income for 2016 equal to 5,7 million (n.d.)
  8. Berton – 5,1 million turnover (- 8,1 %)
  9. Romito – 4,6 million turnover (+ 10,5 %)
  10. Iaccarino – 2,5 million turnover (+ 2,8 %)



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