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How to transform awards and ratings into business

How to transform awards and ratings into business

This is the time of year for Wine Guides and Wine Competitions, WineMeridian gives us 8 suggestions on how to transform good ratings into business: communication, events, and packaging

Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Toscana, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne

Wine Spectator Wine Advocate Brunello 2010 Riserva DonatellaCinelli Colombini

The first thing to be considered if the owner is the only one to know about the award received, this remains a private thing, pleasant,  but with little effect. Because for the scores from the big wine magazines, the awards from the great wine guides, and for wine competitions to have a beneficial effect on the businesses, this info must be shared with importers and clients. It is not enough for the score to be published on a page of Wine Spectator or in the guide or in the press releases of the awards




Here follow 8 suggestions by WineMeridian where you can go to the original text if you wish to read more.

1)You must have a blog and publish there the news illustrating it with anecdotes, photographs and videos

2) Post the news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a jargon apt for each social media and using mostly images. Use well the hashtags and key words

3) Create some very visible elements to exhibit: plaques, signs, and pendants for the bottle necks.

4) Label, rosette, sticker to be added to the packaging of the wine. In China these types of elements are greatly liked. During wine fairs one often sees the local importers sticking colourful stickers on the bottles

5) Do not under estimate traditional communication: a press release is useful especially if sent to local or regional press, but not to the national except of course if the prize is one of enormous importance.

6) Update information regarding the award inning wine on  Vivino, Wine Searcher and the other portals and apps

7) Add to the score a story that comments and illustrate show you have reached this high quality level. The new consumers, the millennials, are more impressed by the storytelling than by the ratings from great wine critics

8) Events can emphasize an award. A wine tasting with the award winning wine in the cellar will surely be appreciated by wine lovers, wine store owners, restaurateurs, distributors …Every winery and every wine needs appropriate instruments, there is no standard formula (which in fact would be completely useless) that starts the word of mouth, but surely the exclusive events dedicated to fine bottles can be very helpful. There are those who pair the wine to the dish prepared by a starred chef, others organize a concert, in some cases a famous wine expert is called to comment the tasting…..…there are many formulas but it is a good idea to organize events.

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