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Italian wines and the world's most powerful people

Antinori nuova cantina

Italian wines and the world's most powerful people

Donald Trump is a teetotaller but he does make wine and on election night toasted with Amarone. Italian wines on presidential tables

Italian-wine.and-the -world's- powerful-people-Briatore-Trump-Amarone

Italian-wine.and-the -world’s- poerful-people-Briatore-Trump-Amarone

Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Orcia Doc, Cenerentola

Let’s begin with a recent example: on the morning of November 9th, when Donald Trump’s victory as President of the US is sure, his friend Flavio Briatore rapidly sends to the Trump Tower three magnums of Amarone with personalized labels with a note saying «Dear Donald, we did it >>. This is quite strange as Trump proclaims to be a teetotaller even though he owns since 2011 a winery in Charlottesville, in Virginia run by his son Eric Donald. In truth buying it at an auction Trump said to the previous owner Patricia Kluge,

Italian-wines-and-the-world's-powerful-people- Aneri

Italian-wines-and-the-world’s-powerful-people- Aneri

<<You have a great nose for wine, I do not>>. This agreement was born more from an investment point of view rather than from a love of wine <<This place has a mortgage for 28 million dollars and I bought it for 6,2 million. It is a Trump-deal>> he said, but as usual he has put his name on the labels. Another of his mania is that of branding everything: water, tea, chocolate……..everything labelled Donald Trump. But let’s go into detail about the Amarone gifted to Trump. The wine was by Giancarlo Aneri, a very famous chap in the International jet set that we should talk about.



Aneri, was born in Legnago near Verona, he works for Lunelli Spumante Ferrari. He demonstrates a great ability in public relations. He is 29 when he goes to Maranello and asks to meet Enzo Ferrari without an appointment. He waits 5 hours but is able to speak with him «Come in for just a minute» they said «I stayed 90 minutes and I convinced him that he should take on to the pilots podium Italian spumante», reminisces Aneri. He also manages to put a glass of Spumante from Trento into the hands of Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and other Hollywood stars. In 1983 the daily newspaper from Verona, l’Arena, calls him  << the cup-bearer for the world’s most powerful people including the Pope and Pertini>>.



Ten years later Aneri founded the È Group together with Luciano and Alessandro Benetton and Giovannino Agnelli with the goal of producing high quality oil and coffee. And here begins the hunt for the tables of the most powerful. He has his Italian wines Prosecco and Amarone served for Putin, Reagan, Bush (father and son), Clinton and Obama. He offers them to the leaders for the G8 meeting in L’Aquila, in 2009. He has them uncorked to celebrate the elections of Napolitano and Ciampi. And for the signing of the European Constitution in Rome in 2004.

From the 100 year birthday party for Juventus to the most prestigious cruise ships in the world, MSC Crociere, the Aneri wines are in the exclusive places and those where the powerful go.


<<We produce 360 thousand bottles. Mostly Prosecco – he explains to Luciano Ferraro from DiVini blog of the Corriere della Sera – from the Rocco Forte estate, with a 20% partnership and with grapes from 576 grape growers of the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, partners with 10%. We buy grapes for the Amarone della Valpolicella and we have our own barrel aging area in Fumane: in all 6.000 bottles (the barriques numbered 9 and 9/B belong to Flavio Briatore, one belongs to Berlusconi…) they are sold mostly to restaurants, 180 euro per bottle>>

So this is a hunt for luxury on all levels: from partners, locations where the wines are served and most of all the clients. If these bottles were served at Trump’s the presidential celebration, it is not by chance.

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