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Let me introduce you to Eric Kohler, winemaker at Château Lafite

Let me introduce you to Eric Kohler, winemaker at Château Lafite

Let’s learn about the man who creates the wines at Château Lafite Rothschild, his name is Eric Kohler, he is a wine maker that creates masterpieces in a bottle and is no show off



This exceptional wine was served by Madame de Pompadour in her private dinners and later Madame du Barry wanted to drink  the King’s wine, as the red from Lafite was called.


Another great estimator of the Lafite wines was Thomas Jefferson, future president of the United States and ambassador of the “Republic of the United States” at the court of Versailles. Before and during the Revolution, Lafite was at the top of the wine hierarchy but experienced a difficult moment with frequent changes in ownership. Regardless of this in 1855 it was classified officially as Premier Grand Cru (First Growth). On August 8th 1868 Lafite, with his 74 hectares of vineyard was bought by the Rothschild bankers who transformed the castle into an authentic royal palace full of masterpieces and great works of art.

Eric Kohler, winemaker at Château Lafite

What can the technical director, winemaker, cellar master of Château Lafite, one of the greatest wines in the world, be like? His name is Eric Kohler, he is 52, and comes from Arles in Provence. Those who imagine a sort of star from the world of wine, a stage performer… will be disappointed by the simplicity, the humbleness of this gentleman, who talks more about his collaborators than himself.

Even though he makes one of the most famous wines articles about him are very rare, and the major interview it the one published by WineSearcher by Tom Hyland. His first harvest was in Château Poujeaux in 1989 <<It is still a pleasant memory for me>> he explains politely. A few years later he was noticed by Charles Chevallier, winemaker at Lafite who offered him a position with him <<I certainly could not refuse such an opportunity>>. He describes his job with simplicity, he mentions his closest collaborators as though they were all in one with the Château <<many have been working here for many years. For some of them, their father, mother or even grandfather already worked for Lafite!>>

Even in the description of the last vintages he is direct and humble << the 2018 and the 2016 have the same profile; we had a rainy spring that lasted until July, followed by dry climate until the harvest. These conditions are optimal in Bordeaux for an excellent vintage.>>

Eric Kohler humbly creates masterpieces in a bottle

He uses the same clarity to describe the attitude of the opinion makers regarding the  Bordeaux wines <<I feel that sommeliers and the insiders are effectively more interested in the better wines than they were half way through the Nineties. At that time, they were looking for new wines from the world over. Then, with experience and competence they came back to Bordeaux>>.

A man with clear ideas, an extraordinary equilibrium and an ability to be part of a group that seems to be his winning card. In reply to the question on his future challenges and his largest satisfactions he says <<sharing with my team the great joy in having produced a wine that results the best, in wine tastings, in a difficult vintage>>

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