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My house in Gozo – Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Donatella a Gozo

My house in Gozo – Donatella Cinelli Colombini


It is an old stone farmhouse, with arches and a central courtyard complete with lots of wells. The view is spectacular, you can see Malta, the tiny island of Comino with it’s blue lagoon

Donatella a Gozo

Donatella Cinelli Colombini in Gozo

The sea is only 800 meters from the house, there is a small bay called Hondoq Bay where the  locals and visitors alike go en masse to have a barbecue. This sandy beach for some people would not be idyllic, occasionally we have even found jellyfish in the water, but along this rocky coast you can go for a walk and hear only the sounds of the sea and smell the scent of thyme and wild oregano.  For me it is perfect!

This is a wonderful place.  We seem to have gone back hundreds of years in time.   In our village, some of the old houses are still inhabited by traditional farmers and there is one farmer who still keeps his flock of animals in the cellar of his house. Fortunately none of them have any horses, in other villages on the island, the horses are regarded as normal inhabitants of the ground floors of the houses!. All around us there are vegetable gardens and small fields cultivated with vegetables, all bordered by stone walls and huge fig trees from India. Our house has two floors, the lower floor originally was used as stables and the feeding troughs and the carved rings where the animals were tethered are still visible. Two of the floors have antique floral designs which  are obviously handmade. The ceiling in the living room is original and very beautiful, it has four arches which hold the stone slabs of the ceiling in place.

On the first floor there are two bedrooms, one is for me and my husband Carlo and one is where we hope to Violante

camera di Violante

Violante's bedroom

 will sleep.  Here in Gozo there is only one place to go dancing and that is only open at the weekend.  Because there is very little nightlife here my daughter prefers to go to the sea in Puglia. But we adore Gozo and we come here at least five time a year.

We have many friends here and often organize dinners serving Tuscan cuisine.
The meals are nothing special because we are not outstanding chefs, but we like to spend time with our friends and we enjoy entertaining. Here in Gozo there are some excellent restaurants  with young foreign chefs who offer excellent cuisine and which help to raise the reputation of the rest of the local restaurants. The areas which offer the best restaurants are close to the docks where the ferry to Malta collects it’s passengers. There are 4 excellent places which we recommend, Porto Vecchio, Tmun, Sicilia Bella and Barracca.


The courtyard

But what, you may ask, is so beautiful about a tiny island sandwiched halfway between Europe and the Arab world? The truth is that it is a lovely location and it is easy to imagine that you are not in Italy but some more exotic place whilst at the same time it is only a short ride home.

Recently, we have obtained a new importer and our Brunello, Chianti and Doc Orcia wines will be served at the best restaurants in the Maltese archipelago.  His name is  Attard and it will definitely be the number one here. This is the final touch which will make us feel completely at home here.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini