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Puglia among the top ten destinations in the world

Underground of Bari

Puglia among the top ten destinations in the world

Puglia is the trendiest region: dream beaches, art, food from the true Mediterranean diet and also the wine that gets recognition from all of the guide books

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Congress about wine tourism in Bari

So the Councillor Dario Stefàno wants to transform the positive rating by “Wine Enthusiast”, that has put Puglia among the top 10 destinations in the world, into an opportunity to develop the only agricultural sector, it seems, able to resist the crisis thank also to its exportation on the increase and the appreciation of autochthonous grape varieties. For this reason he reunites in Bari some of the major experts: Carlo Cambi, Monica Larner from Wine Enthusiast, Alessandro Regoli from WineNews, Magda Antonioli Corigliano from the Università Bocconi and Donatella Cinelli Colombini. A seminar that resembled a workshop for ideas and that brought up the necessity to overcome the amateur phase and get some efficiency in oversight and structures. There are those like Regoli who wish to emphasize communication and those, like Antonioli who emphasize the disappearance between culture and wine and food culture in a compete approach to the territories. Donatella on the other hand has proposed new jobs bound to wine tourism. But all, with Carlo Cambi leading them have underlined the extraordinary tourism potential of this territory.

A conference but not only, speakers and guests have time to see the underground Baristarting from Castello Svevo and descending under the

Underground of Bari

bari, the underground of a Roman house

Cathedral in the centre of the old Bari city, a neighbourhood long ago degraded, which a Piano Urban of the Unione Europea, has transformed it into a jewel of medieval city planning. Other than art there are some specialities such as the handmade orecchiette sold by the housewives in front of their homes. There are so many of them that the road has actually become a tourist attraction.

Cathedral in Bari

The Cathedral of Bari

This city is so beautiful! And so many delicious things to eat under the white vaults of its restaurants set in the historic centre: broad beans and chicory, stewed turnips, fresh sea food served uncooked, tagliolini with sea urchins …. And to finish with the very refined hotel de charme Palazzo Calò, where the medieval walls are matched with the resin floorings and the elegance of an up to the minute fashion. In other words, the invitation received from Vittoria Cisonno the tireless organizer of the Movimento turismo del vino in Puglia with its President Sebastiano de Corato, gave us great pleasure, viva la Puglia!

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