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The best wine shops in the world

l’Enoteca Vino Nostro di San Francisco

The best wine shops in the world

Wine searcher has selected the world’s top 2826 wine shops and 1224 top merchands in its immense international database of wine and alcohol retailers

Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini


Vino Nostro wine store in San Francisco

They are located in 167 cities and 32 countries and have been selected among the 20,454 re-sales listed by Wine searcher. The stores have been chosen according to the richness of the assortment and the high quality of services offered to customers such as the presence of competent staff and multilingual, or the offer of samples.
Gold, silver and bronze medals have been awarded to the most talented of the 21 categories relating to the best portfolio of  Burbon, Bordeaux or Burgundy wines, Chilean or Portuguese wines, bubbles and côtes du Rhône, Whisky of malt …. and of course Italian wines and even Tuscan wines.


A selection of wine shops and wine merchants chosen by Wine searcher are an authentic map of places to visit around the world, very useful for wine lovers looking for oenological discoveries but also for small wineries wishing to export that could ship directly to foreign retailers avoiding having an importer.
In fact the large increase in selected wine bars and markets, compared to the 2018 edition, depends on the will to enhance the small independent boutique wine bars that have a big role in spreading the wine culture.

Fuster’s Wy-Bude AG -iliori enoteche del mondo

Fuster’s Wy-Bude AG best wine stores in the world


Here are the names of some winners for the best selection of Italian wines. In Italy the highest step of the podium is for the Roman wine bar Amor Divino. There are also foreign winners such as the Wine Bar of San Francisco of San Francisco which I visited a few years ago and also deserves full recognition for the excellent scouting work on less well-known wineries and denominations. Other gold medals for the best lists of Italian wines at “50 Second finish ” in Brandenburg, Germany and at “Winebrands” in Sao Paulo.

Note the resale Fuster’s Wy-Bude AG of the Swiss Canton of San Gallo and the Delta cellar-Jing Xiang Food of Shanghai that get three gold each thanks to truly amazing assortments.

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