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Young adults and alcohol: from the desire of happiness to abuse

Alcohol e Giovani

Young adults and alcohol: from the desire of happiness to abuse

Alcohol e giovani by Augusto Marinelli (Franco Angeli pp. 172 € 23) very useful to understand the young , their excesses and more

Alcohol  e Giovani

Alcohol e Giovani

I met Augusto Marinelli twenty years ago. Augusto was councillor for agriculture for the Province of Florence and I was President of the Movimento del Turismo del Vino. He, from Naples and a university professor, brought into the Tuscan politics courage for new challenges, and together we created in Rufina the first Strada del vino belonging to the new generation, or rather built for wineries open to the public. Then he became Magnifico Rettore of the Università di Firenze and I councillor in the town hall of Siena. We have not been able to collaborate although bound by reciprocal esteem. Augusto even awarded me the Salomone d’Oro when the celebrations for the 80 years of the Florentine university were being celebrated.

Now, about the book “Alcol e giovani”. It is maybe the most interesting and stimulating study published regarding the subject

In the prologue Augusto Marinelli summarises the dimensions of the problem anticipating an analysis published at the end and carried out on a group of 200 people.

Augusto Marinelli

Augusto Marinelli

Deaths and illnesses connected to the abuse of alcohol have a cost of around 3,5% of the national GDP .An enormous amount which positions prevention in first position in the objectives of health protection. To this must be added the tears and suffering of too many people.
In reading the book causes and dynamics of the problem come out with limpid clarity. Juvenile uneasiness widely spread and set off by the desire of an individual wellbeing which induces wrong behaviour often connected to the need to be accepted in a group.
Desire for risk, a buzz, driving when drunk, alcohol like a bridge towards drugs – it’s all a means to rebel against ones personal failure but also mainly a low perception of the real danger of such behaviour. To this must be added a progressive getting away from the adult society and the reciprocal contempt which damages the young just as much as the previous generation.

In other words here we have a disastrous situation, and considering the high levels of unemployment, a difficult one to solve. Obviously a prohibitionist attitude is to be avoided, it would have the opposite effect, while more promising seem to be empowerment procedure which tend to start directly from the young, making them understand the risks of abuse.

Certainly the dimension of binge drinking and the behaviour that result from it force us all especially producers, the obligation to be very careful of how we talk about, show and publicize wine.

read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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