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The 10 best jobs in wine

The 10 best jobs in wine

Wine critic, wine shop owner, brand manager, journalist, wine educator, organizer of events, wine maker, and buyer: these are the 10 best jobs in wine

Paolo-Basso-world champion-sommelier-atl Casato Prime Donne

Paolo-Basso-world champion-sommelier-atl Casato Prime Donne

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne

Many start working in wine by changing a passion into a profession but everybody ought to know that before the shiny world of parties, elegant clothes, travels and starred meals, there really is a lot of hard work.

The Drinks Business has tried to list the 10 best wine professions, here I summarize just a few notes, but the article is great fun and I suggest you read it. As you will note among the 10 top professions “wine producer”does not appear, those who grow grapes and transform them into wine to sell it. Maybe this is the hardest job, but in my opinion, the best.

10 best jobs in wine-Viviana-Vecchione-buyer

10 best jobs in wine-Viviana-Vecchione-buyer

BUYER spends most of his time in front of the computer, checking stocks and sales, marketing plans and emails. But he does travel and gets to know wine regions and gets to taste a lot too. The best thing about this job is the possibility to get to know many wine areas and many producers.

WINE MAKER – WINERY DIRECTOR hard job but also fascinating and is always different because every harvest is a new story. To be successful you need to travel and work in other nations.

EVENT ORGANIZER apt only for those who can handle  stress well. This alternates a preparatory job made up of meetings and contacts with some moments where you run night and day.

WINE EDUCATOR this is a new profession that is growing fast, you need to be competent but also have a great ability in communication, and one must be engaging

FEELANCE JOURNALIST here there is little security in earnings but a life that is enriched with travel and meeting interesting people.

10 best jobs in wine- Valérie Lavigne-winemaker

10 best jobs in wine- Valérie Lavigne-winemaker

BRAND MANAGER He or she  handles the foreign market for a winery of international prestige, only these large enterprises can afford a brand manager. Here there are problems connected to different time zones and calls in the middle of the night. However this job is varied and stimulating << in marketing you’re at the centre of the business>>.

INDIPENDANT RETAILER to be successful you must be talented in wine tasting; you must have a precise idea regarding quality excellence and the desire to seek it out. Days begin very early and finish late, plus one must not run away from humble jobs such as washing the glasses.

WINE PR This job too is very varied and often underestimated because it is more difficult than it seems. One needs to be incredibly diplomatic

SOMMELIER here to emerge you need ambition and hard work, because what counts in the competitions, are successes and titles. It is a question of finding a balance between organizing the service and satisfaction of the VIPs <<The role is all about understanding hospitality and to provide an amazing guest experience in a multi outlets organization>>.

WINE JUDGE-WINE CRITICS a job that is also more difficult than it seems because you need hours and hours of concentration and a manic attention to not making mistakes. The best think of being a wine judge is that you live in a community of great wine experts and you receive up to date news from the wine world. In this category one must add also the critics from wine guides and magazines. Maybe the real reason that this job is so desired is because of the status this role holds to the eyes of the producers and all the pampering he or she gets from them.

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