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Tuscan Onion Soup

There are two versions of the Tuscan onion soup. I prefer the one that comes from Arcidosso a sort of forefather of the “acqua cotta”, but of course there is also the Carabaccia


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini


It must be said the best Tuscan onion comes from Certaldo; it has a delicious taste and is more easily digestible with respect to normal onions. The Carabaccia is practically homage to the Certaldo onion but those of us from Montalcino are bonded to Monte Amiata, the volcano from which the soils in our vineyards come from. So the zuppa di cipolle from Arcidosso is my favourite. A medieval soup from which the acqua cotta soup descends. In the original version it is prepared with strigoli, a type of wild grass usually found in the chestnut woods on the Amiata but we will use the more domestic and easily found spinach.



For 4 people




BROTH: one small onion, one carrot, one stick of celery, one ripe tomato, black pepper and salt


SOUP: 5 onions, one stick of celery, 500 g of spinach, 500 g of ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, 300 g of ricotta, salt, chili pepper, toasted unsalted bread.



Prepare the broth by putting in a pan, the washed and roughly diced celery, carrot, onion and tomato, covered with two litres of water. Salt and bring to the boil, simmer for a couple of hours over a low flame.
To prepare the soup: parboil and peel the tomatoes. Wash and chop the carrots, and onions, and celery and stir fry in a pan. Add salt and chili pepper. Wash the spinach and put them in the pan once the mixture is dry. Shortly after add the peeled tomatoes roughly chopped. Continue to cook over a low flame for about an hour, with the help of the vegetable broth.


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