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Cardi rifatti(thistles) ancient Tuscan recipe

Tuscany is known for its long cooking recipes that in the peasant tradition become a triumph of flavor and sauces. The recooked thistles are the best. Cardi rifatti for you

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

ingredienti: cardi, uova, pomodoro, farina, sale, olio, aglio

Thistles eggs tomatoes flour salt oil garlic

Some vegetables are cooked three times: boiled, fried and recooked in tomato. In the end, even cauliflower, which is normally not very tasty, becomes a king’s treat.
In Montalcino, one of the most delicious recipes is made with the same three cooking and traditionally solemn lunch of August: rooster stewed with recooked celery .
Here I describe a winter version based on thistles that brings to the table the intense taste of the Tuscan tradition and can be served as a side dish of a roast or alone.


The bread soup, the most classic of Tuscan recipes changes in every village but in Trequanda, near Fattoria del Colle, is special

zuppa di fagioli di Montalcino

Typically the soup of Tuscan bread is a very tasty vegetable soup poured on the bread. It is therefore vegan. Only the ciancifricola and Easter soup contain also the egg.
There is however one exception: in Trequanda. The recipe book of the small medieval village near Fattoria del Colle there are two bread soups with pork. The soup with the paw and the trequandina soup.
Below I transcribe the recipe that I received from the housewives of Trequanda and that was illustrated by Silvia Argilli with extraordinary skill. Silvia is one of the young polyglots who welcome tourists in the farm house of Fattoria del Colle but has a past as a painter and illustrator.

Pan lavato (washed bread) soup that enhances the new olive oil.

Washed bread, slices, cabbage with slices, different names for the simplest bread soup in Tuscany, the one that best enhances the EVO oil just made. Pan lavato


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini



The name of this dish changes from village to village but the recipe changes very  little. It is a delicious traditional bread soup with cabbage from southern Tuscany, typical of the winter time . In Montalcino we call it washed bread, in Trequanda, where the Fattoria del Colle is located, they call it slices or cabbage with slices.
More than with any other dish you can appreciate the freshly pressed extra virgin oil , especially what is made from olives with a full taste and fragrant scent.
Consequently like all very simple recipes the quality of the result depends on the ingredients that must be extraordinary, the cabbage obviously but mostly the  EVO oil, the vinegar and especially the bread, rigorously without salt and handmade with sourdough.
The most suitable wine to accompany this soup is a Chianti Superiore or a Doc Orcia that come from the  same territory as the oil that, in our case, is from Trequanda where the Fattoria del Colle is located.