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Zuppa di Trequanda


The bread soup, the most classic of Tuscan recipes changes in every village but in Trequanda, near Fattoria del Colle, is special

zuppa di fagioli di Montalcino

Typically the soup of Tuscan bread is a very tasty vegetable soup poured on the bread. It is therefore vegan. Only the ciancifricola and Easter soup contain also the egg.
There is however one exception: in Trequanda. The recipe book of the small medieval village near Fattoria del Colle there are two bread soups with pork. The soup with the paw and the trequandina soup.
Below I transcribe the recipe that I received from the housewives of Trequanda and that was illustrated by Silvia Argilli with extraordinary skill. Silvia is one of the young polyglots who welcome tourists in the farm house of Fattoria del Colle but has a past as a painter and illustrator.



Half a kilo of white beans
One red onion
Two ounces of salted Cinta Senese ham (it is essential that it is very fat as an alternative use ham and bacon) cut into very thick slices

Zuppa di fagioli di Montalcino ingredients

Half a glass of extra virgin olive oil
A quarter of cabbage
One carrot

Two ribs of celery,
Two or three zucchini,
A handful of green beans,
300 grams of Tuscan homemade bread without salt
The Tuscan cuisine is simple but to release its intense flavors needs ingredients of excellent quality. Freshly picked vegetables and real bread made with sourdough. Come to the Fattoria del Colle Restaurant to taste it and you will understand the difference


Soak the white beans the day before. Boil them in salted water.
Fry the onion, the diced ham and the parsley in extra virgin olive oil.

Zuppa di Trequanda

Fattoria del Colle Zuppa di Trequanda

Cut cabbage, carrot, celery, chard, spinach, zucchini and green beans into pieces. Add to the mixture. Salt and cook over low heat, adding water as the soup dries. After about one hour add half of the beans with their water and pass the remaining in the vegetable puree and then add them too. Cooking must continue for more than one hour on a low heat being very careful because it tends to stick.
Cut the bread, toast it in the oven, place it in the bowl and pour over the still boiling vegetable soup. Bring to the table together with extra virgin olive oil to be poured raw on each portion.
The leftover soup can be served the next day by mixing it with bread and heating it in the oven. In my opinion it is even better.


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