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A Rosa di Tetto rosé for Donatella Cinelli Colombini

A Rosa di Tetto rosé for Donatella Cinelli Colombini

2016 is a 5 star harvest  where the vines had a vegetative cycle that was extremely long. A slow and perfect ripening of the grapes produced  masterpiece grapes for this Rosa di Tetto.



By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Rosato IGT, Toscana

Rosa di Tetto is produced at Fattoria del Colle from a Sangiovese vineyard planted in 1999 and cultivated according to the organic regime at 400m above sea level. It has a more French style rather than Italian, evident in its faded out pink colour but most of all in the taste and rich aroma that recalls green apple and flowers.

It is strange to say but sometimes the best Sangiovese is not beautiful to the eye. In fact the grapes of this variety have a much more delicate skin than the Cabernet or Merlot varieties, and for this reason, when they are perfectly ripe, as in 2016, they are very fragile and break with just touching them. In our winery we pick by hand, choosing the clusters one by one in the vineyard. Then they are rapidly brought to the cellar to avoid that they lose liquid and begin the fermentation inside the crates.



The result is like a dance, among the rows of vines, the pickers bend and stand up, the crates are first on the ground then brought up into the air to empty rapidly the clusters into the bins that bring them into the cellar. In less than 20 minutes the grapes reach the sorting table, that chooses the best grapes and then into the fermentation tanks.

The 2016 harvest had an extraordinary quality potential, and for this reason the group of pickers was made up of more than 15 people. This allowed us to pick each small plot of vineyard on the exact day of perfect ripening and so produce high quality wines for the whole range of the two wineries Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne.

Type: rosé.

Production area: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle, Cenerentola vineyard.



Classification: IGT Toscana Rosato

Vintage characteristics:  The first 6 months of the year have been the rainiest since 1916: The bad weather disturbed the flowering and determined a reduction in the production of grapes. The summer was hot but interrupted by storms. The vegetative cycle which had begun 15 days sooner than usual slowed down in the summer and the ripening was slow as tradition wants it.

Grape variety: Sangiovese 100%.

Grape harvest: The grapes were handpicked and carefully selected.

Fermentation: after being cooled with dry ice and having had the stems removed, the grapes were pressed and transferred into the stainless steel vats; the temperature was maintained at around4/6°C. After 18 hours the must was separated from the skins and transferred into a smaller container where the selected Sangiovese yeasts were inoculated. During the alcoholic fermentation the temperature was maintained at around 18°C, up until the complete running out of the sugars which took place after about 20 days.

Quantity produced: 2.000 bottles.

Colour: tea rose pink.

Aroma:  fine, fragrant, floral, with net hints of green apple and violets.

Taste: of medium structure, greatly pleasant and with an excellent balance between alcohol and fruit . Hints of almonds and small red fruits -such as bilberries and raspberries-offer a pleasant persistence.

Serve with: good before the meal , during the meal and after the meal. It is perfectly matched with  delicate dishes such as soups, fish, eggs, white meat and vegetables, and with soft not spicy cheeses.

Way of serving: 10-12°C in crystal tulip shaped wine goblets.

Storage: drink within a year and a half from production.  Keep the bottles lying down in a dark and cool place.

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