Brunello 2012 Prime Donne, satisfying and enduring

Brunello 2012 Prime Donne, satisfying and enduring

The 2012 vintage has been rated 5 stars in the Montalcino territory and it is the first great Brunello Prime Donne in the new millennium style.

The high summer temperatures and the drought that lasted fifteen months gave us Mediterranean and satisfying wines. The Brunello 2012 Prime Donne is extraordinary now and will also be long lasting.


That year the winter was cold and dry and even the abundant snowfalls did not irrigate the soil. The summer 2012 began with 12 months of previous dry weather and was dry an very hot even during the night. In those extreme conditions the vines demonstrated a surprising adaptability producing few clusters, small in size and most off, during the colouring of the grapes abandoned part of the fruit that remained green and were removed by the pickers during the green harvest. Nature moves in mysterious ways that mankind must watch with respect, that is why it can give exceptional results even in difficult conditions. The vineyards at Casato Prime Donne situated o the North side of the Montalcino slope, the cooler side, in 2012 well resisted the hydro stress also thanks to the clayey component of the soil  and to the continues hoeing that kept the soil soft. The 2012 harvest is consequently a memorable one with all the clusters healthy and perfectly ripe.



The  Brunello 2012 Prime Donne is chosen by a panel of 4 female expert tasters from all of the Donatella Cinelli Colombini production,  and it distinguishes itself because of its heavier structure and its traditional style. The tasters meet once or twice a year and are the English Master Wine Rosemary George, the German wine shop owner Astrid Schwarz, one of the best Italian sommeliers Daniela Scrobogna and the Italo-American Pr Marina Thompson. In some years the tasters have decide not to produce a Brunello Prime Donne, but when they do, as in 2012, they always create small masterpieces that obtain excellent ratings from the most important international press.Type: dry red.

Production area: Tuscany, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne.

Vintage characteristics: Cold and dry winter, dry and very hot summer with hardly any difference between day and night temperatures. The September rain showers slowed the ripening allowing the sugars di accumulate in the grapes at the same rate al the increase in extractable polyphenols.



Grape type: 100% Sangiovese (Brunello).

Grape harvest: The grape clusters grapes were handpicked and carefully chosen in the vineyard and selection on sorting tables. The grapes reached the fermentation vats in less than half an hour from being picked. Thanks to the cold nights the cluster temperature was excellent at 20-25 °C.

Vinification: In truncated cone shaped vats in the open air, that are temperature controlled and with a punching of the cap procedure. The vinification was regular and the temperatures stayed spontaneously low.

Barrel ageing: 5—7 hl French oak tonneaux for the first year then traditional 15-40 hl barrels in Slavonian oak. Before being bottled the Brunello stayed in concrete vats. It was not filtered.

Quantity produced: 6000 bottles.

Colour: intense and brilliant ruby red. The wine shows its richness by rolling slowly in the glass

Aroma: Elegant complex, deep. Hints of red berries and spices.

Taste: harmonious in its perfect balance in acidic and tannic structure with the rich and satisfying fruit: Fine , full, intense, pleasantly persistent.

Matching dishes: important meat dishes, aged cheeses.

Way of serving: Room temperature (18-20°C). Use balloon shaped crystal wine goblets. Preferably open one hour before serving or decant to favour an intense oxygenation.

Home ageing: the Brunello 2012 Prime Donne can last 25 years or more. Keep the bottles lying down in a dark and cool place. Have the corks changed in Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s winery around the year 2035.

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