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Brunello di Montalcino 2008 to begin at best the 2013

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Brunello di Montalcino 2008 to begin at best the 2013

We are waiting for you at Casato Prime Donne, in Montalcino, and at Fattoria del Colle (Trequanda SI), to taste the first Brunello 2008 just born.



At midnight on New Year’s Eve the red wine from Montalcino that producers have cared for with love for 4 and a half years has become Brunello.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini owner of Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino often says that she is very lucky in truth; many favourable circumstances help her producing great red wines. One of these lucky elements has been the change in climate with the increase in temperatures, which has increased her vines potential. In fact the high clayey content of the soil allows water to collect and quench the vines during the hot summer month in so allowing the grapes to



reach complete ripening very gradually. This reserve of water would not be possible in soils with more drainage considering the “monsoon” type of rainfalls. Obviously nature does not do everything alone, it is man through the winter and summer pruning who reduces the number of clusters, reduces the active leaf surface using it for shade.



Consequently a favourable climate together with a first rate technical staff allows her to reach better results every year making the most of the maturity of the vineyards planted in 2001 and 2003.

Type: dry red.

Production area: Tuscany, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne.

Climate: mild winter, spring with torrential rainfalls, followed by a very hot summer. Thanks to the water reserves formed in the in the soil until June, the grapes reached complete ripening in a regular way on slightly ahead of the usual calendar.

Grape type: 100% Sangiovese (Brunello)

Grape harvest: From September 10th to October 9th. The grapes were carefully chosen and handpicked. This has been the coolest harvest of the last few years even though it began and finished with a sun-tanning sun.

Vinification: this lasted roughly 15 days, always keeping the must in contact with the skins and it took place in stainless steel vats. The tendency for it to be a hot and quick vinification was controlled by using the vats’ cooling system. With the malolactic fermentation the acidity balanced out.

Barrel ageing: first year in small and medium oak containers (5 – 15 hl) and after in 30-40 hl in Allier and Slavonian oak barrels.

Quantity produced: 30.000 bottles.

Colour: intense and brilliant ruby red.

Aroma: fine, clean, complex, rich in fragrant notes which recall ripe red fruits and spices.

Taste: refined, full well balanced, round, persistent in the mouth with a pleasant finish

Analysis: alcohol 14%vol; tot.ac. 5,3 g/l; vol.ac.0,63 mg/l; extract  29,0 g/l;  tot. SO² 100 mg/l;

Matching dishes: important meat dishes and aged cheeses.

Way of serving: Room temperature (18-20°C). Use balloon shaped crystal wine goblets. Open at least one hour before serving.

Home ageing: 20 years and more. Keep the bottles lying down in a dark and cool place. Have the corks changed in Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s winery around the year 2033.