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The Brunello 2007 is just born

Vigneto vecchio Casato Prime Donne

The Brunello 2007 is just born

Brunello di Montalcino and other wines

Brunello becomes Brunello at midnight of new years eve. Let me explain

Old vineyard Casato Prime Donne

Old vineyard Casato Prime Donnebetter: the red wine produced with Sangiovese grapes in Montalcino , then vinified, aged in barrel and refined in bottle according to the rules, become Brunello at midnight of January 1st of the 5th year after the harvest.

So the new Brunello is just born. In this case it is an extraordinary harvest: vintage 2007 – five stars, where the grapes reached a level of perfection never seen before.

Let me tell you how the climate was in 2007, and why it brought to the production of such wonderful grapes. That year the winter never arrived. In Tuscany it seemed as though one was in Sicily and it was possible to eat out of doors even in January. The rainfalls arrived in Spring. During the summer regardless of a few days of heat wave , the temperatures were quite normal, with some storms that occasionally reduced the temperature and helped the vine’s vegetative cycle.

After the experiences of 1997 and 2003 the agronomists in Montalcino had

Casato Prime Donne, "Tinaia del vento"

Casato Prime Donne, "Tinaia del vento"

learnt how to control the vines leaves  so as to shade the grapes and keep the quantity of grapes produced very low per plant. The grape clusters reached complete ripening a few days earlier than usual, but in a very regular way. The only factor out of the ordinary, but common to all of Tuscany, was the acidity of the grapes that remained high regardless the high content of sugars. The acidity then naturally found its balance during the malolactic fermentation.

After the  2006 and 2007 harvests the grape growers in Montalcino demonstrated their ability in making the most of climatic changes. If, once upon a time, they were envious of their Sicilian colleagues because of the easy and frequent good harvests, now the climatic conditions favour inland Tuscany and especially cooler areas, such as Casato Prime Donne.

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