Where does Donatella and Violante's dove fly?

Where does Donatella and Violante's dove fly?

A new video for the  Cinelli Colombini winery but no change in the protagonist, Violante Gardini, together with a dove that flies through the Brunello and Orcia vines


This year too our estate video is out of the ordinary! Two and a half minutes to talk about the  all female staffed estates  belonging to Donatella, Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in southern  Chianti, a quick rhythm of images of the vines, the barrels, the vats, the grapes and bottles….with a lively rhythmical music , like a music box. The novelty, for the very traditional Italian world of is the presence of a cartoon dove that comes out of the Brunello “IOsonoDONATELLA” label and accompanies us in the discovery of the first wineries in Italy to be staffed by only women.

The- doves- at-Casato-Prime-Donne

The- dove-s at-Casato-Prime-Donne

It flies along the vines with curiosity during the harvest, it goes into the fermentation hall where the bare concrete truncated cone shake vats are decorated with images, real, and painted, of Montalcino, it peeps in at the wine tasting organized for the  Brunello Prime Donne with the Master of Wine Rosemary George, the sommelier Daniela Scrobogna and the wine shop owner Astrid Schwarz who blind taste while the wine maker Valerie Lavigne  and the cellar master Barbara Magnani try to combine the wine from different barrels looking for the perfect balance.

It flies and flies and finally reaches the restaurant and the wooden tub for vinotherapy .. until it gets to the villa at Fattoria del Colle, where, Donatella and Violante catch it and lock it back into the shinny label of their most precious Brunello.

Violante -in -the-flesh

Violante -in -the-flesh

A new and lively way to talk about the wine world where passion and commitment of real grapes pickers is united to the pleasure of working in beautiful places. Magical places, that can so make a dove that is a detail of a brand and of the labels, fly high.

The video has been created and produced by Réclame in Chiusi (SI); they have used their capabilities in communication, graphics and web design, press office and marketing to invent an unusual video and so one that will not go unnoticed. Réclame was founded in 2013 by Andrea Biagi, a journalist with a degree in Advertising techniques taken at the Università per Stranieri in Perugia, plus a past on local TV. Since 2015 he works side by side with Raffaella Curcio, with her Master in Classical civilizations in Perugia and her studies regarding photography, web marketing and the organization and management of events.

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