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WineDogs and wineries that are dog firendly, a new trend

WineDogs and wineries that are dog firendly, a new trend

Books web sites, Facebook pages, even contests, the winery dogs are very popular and now so important that there is a ranking of the most friendly wineries

Rodney wine dog

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This story is so incredible that you will not believe me. In  Australia there is a photographer that works full time on  “Wine dogs” and publishes books after books with images of dogs from wineries. He is called Craig McGill and his star is a 9 year old curly coated retriever called Rodney  that lives on Hugh Hamilton Wines. The same author created the website winedog where the presentation begins with “The original wine dog book”  which is a sort of winedog encyclopedia regarding dogs all over the world. There even a “Winedog of the moth” which in January was  Dutchess a labrador from the Dutcher Crossing Winery in California.

Violante Gardini dries Felix Fattoria del Colle

Practically all wineries in UA have a dog and books about them are on sale next to the bottles. Winedogs also have a Facebook page with more than 3000 likes. In Napa valley there is a list of dog friendly wineries and many many reviews in blogs regarding four legged friends. << Good wine, good dogs, great art and good company, what more could you ask for? >>  asks  dogzenergy while talking about a wine tasting where there is an area equipped for dogs to play.

And finally the contests: there is an award for the 5 tasting halls that are most dog friendly, and the Frank Family Vineyards got first prize.

Winery dog Felix with Violante Gardini Fattoria del Collle

Still on the subject of contests, there is one for wine labels regarding dogs “ Dog art Today”, competition at its second edition. And also there is   Lauren Eads from The Drink Business, who has put 12 dogs in a row. In Italy the most famous dog belongs to the just beginning wine producer Massimo d’Alema but many wine makers are photographed with their faithful four legged friends: firstly comes to mind Francesco Giuntini with his

Wine dogs USA

Maremma sheepdogs, for example. Our Felix is also well known among those who love Brunello di Montalcino from Casato Prime Donne and especially among tourists who stay at Fattoria del Colle. I remember a funny espisode, last year, when the  Movimento del Turismo del vino  Toscana dedicated the day called Cantine Aperte to dogs, and Luciano Ferraro wrote a beautiful article for the Corriere della Sera talking about us. I wrote a message of thank and he replied <<I just cannot forget  Felix who accompanied me on my morning walks>>. So our blonde four legged friend had really made a friend for life!

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