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Women, Cars and Brunello at the Tuscan Rewind

Chantal Galli-Casato Prime Donne

Women, Cars and Brunello at the Tuscan Rewind

The charm of car rallies in the 80’s and 90’s was revived in Montalcino with the classic car Tuscan Rewind rally which made a ‘refuelling stop’ at the Casato Prime Donne

Chantal Galli-Casato Prime Donne

Chantal Galli-Casato Prime Donne

Chantal Galli, Italian Rally Champion from 1986-88 years is a beautiful blonde lady, she is only tiny but she is fullof energy. She is Swiss but she does not embody the typical staid Swiss personality and instead expresses a joy in her life-style which is purely Latin.

We asked her what is the allure of an event like Tuscan Rewind, which is based in its format on a historic car rally. Her answer was simply “The old cars were real ‘drivers’ cars, modern cars are different”, “In years gone by the driver was the most important element and nowadays it is the electronics of the car which is more important”.

She goes on to say “It is the atmosphere which has changed, every evening at the rallies fifteen years ago we all got together for dinner and had a party, but nowadays the rivalry between the drivers continues even after the race has finished and the drivers all eat at their individual tables with hardly anyone talking. I do not feel at home in that environment.”

For this reason, the Tuscan Rewind rally “in the old fashioned manner” is

Tuscan Rewind – Casato Prime Donne-Montalcino

Tuscan Rewind – Casato Prime Donne-Montalcino

increasingly popular with both the drivers and the car enthusiasts.

I asked her “I suppose you get to see and drive through many lovely areas during the rallies!” She looked around her and said “We are in a very beautiful spot here”.

They tasted our spicy sausage, aged pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and our Brunello wine. When they were getting ready to leave they asked to spend a little time shopping for wine and they told me “Last year we competed with the cases of Brunello inside the vehicles, the wine arrived home a bit shaken but still intact ”.

It reminded me of a story told to me by Giovanna Nannini, the mother of the singer Gianna and of the former Formula 1 driver Alessandro.

When she was young, she and her husband had a passion for car racing and decided to participate in the 1000 Miglia. During the trip Giovanna saw a beautiful porcelain dinner service and she bought it.

Then she started to nag her husband Danilo that he was going too fast, he obviously got very angry and was cursing the porcelain but he still managed to reach the finish with the dinner service intact.

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Messeri-Caputo-  the crew of Tuscan Rewind at Casato Prime Donne

Messeri-Caputo- the crew of Tuscan Rewind at Casato Prime Donne

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