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Happy New Year 2021


Happy New Year 2021

Let’s say goodbye to a difficult 2020 and toast to 2021 with the new Brunello, wishing peace and goodwill to everyone for a splendid new year


Violante and Enrico's Wedding - the most beautiful 2020 memory

Violante and Enrico’s Wedding – the most beautiful 2020 memory

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

We need s good luck toast, and there is nothing better than the Brunello 2016 Prime Donne. As all wine lovers know Brunello becomes Brunello legally only at midnight of its last year. This time the new vintage to be realized has been anticipated by drum rolls and the great international wine critics have given it extraordinary ratings already before it gets released. So other than the character of the wine that brings good fortune, this time we are in admiration of a Brunello than can hopefully rid us of the dark shadow of Covid and allow us to have faith in a new year full hope.
So I will toast with Brunello Prime Donne 2016 wishing everyone health and happiness in the New Year.



2020 is ending and it is time for considerations: except for my brother who was fortunately asymptomatic, none of us got covid19 in the family and on the estate.

2020 new staff of Donatella Cinelli Colombini's wineries with 3 winemakers: Giada, Barbara and Sabrina

2020 new staff of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries with 3 winemakers: Giada, Barbara and Sabrina

The province of Siena has been one of the least hit by the pandemic but to protect ourselves we really have done our upmost; face masks, disinfectant gels , dry sanitizing guns, ozone instruments … rooms for quarantining pillows for the beds ….  Plexiglas panels, shifts in the offices …. We even sent away a tourist who was suspected of having the virus….
In the vineyards the work went ahead as usual, where the harvest was scarce in quantity but very high in quality. We are expecting 5 star rating for the vintage. The olive harvest on the other hand was very abundant in quantity and quality. White truffles unfortunately were very rare.



Wine sales went well thanks to the foreign markets that have bought and bought again an excellent Brunello 2015.He has been our champion that has conquered Covid. Wine sales in Italy and direct sales from the wineries have greatly decreased but thanks to less costs (no Prowein and Vinitaly, no trips abroad, no yearly edition of the Casato Prime Donne award …) the final economic balance of the agricultural  estate is positive.

Less so the country inn hospitality and restaurant aspects at Fattoria del Colle that worked only from halfway through July to mid October losing all foreign weddings and 70% of the normal income. Even more disastrous was the situation in the three ToscanaLovers stores, the Cortona shop practically with nil income and the other two with earnings for 2020 of about one fifth compared to usual.

Orcia Doc - Fattoria del Colle's wine cellar

Orcia Doc – Fattoria del Colle’s wine cellar

Our life has changed; we have gone back to a more countryside life, like thirty years ago. To begin with the sensation was quite of relief, because we were tired of work trips and appointments, intense working days, but now the forced solitude begins to be overwhelming. So, to see the rest of the world through a screen is no longer sufficient. I would like, as I imagine everybody else, to meet people, exchange ideas, see the world change and receive new stimuli.



2020 will remain in our memory as the coronavirus year, but also the year Violante and Enrico got married. The marriage was celebrated in the park at Fattoria del Colle on July 11th and a party that lasted two days followed.
Therefore this is sincerely the best memory of 2020.



In 2021 we are looking forward to the launching of the DOC Orcia winery and its immersive hall for visitors. This pinpoints a complete transformation of Fattoria del Colle into a wine destination. A 16th century hamlet still miraculous intact and able to give guests the opportunity to experience wine and Tuscan countryside activities: from wild herbs to stays in the homes once belonging to “Tuscan grandparents”, from the fun of being winemaker for a day, to learning how to use a bow and arrow in the woods, barrels tastings, and the enjoyment of fine Brunello Riserva.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink methods and strategies: we are more digital in our work and in the dialogue with clients. On the other hand to stay still in the same place has allowed us to understand that a frenetic life that we were living was exaggerated. We will not go back to having a trolley as an extension of our arm, at last I hope not.
However with Covid there will be the end of an era and a new future is opening up that will be more cumbersome and more demanding but maybe even better.
Happy New Year for 2021!