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Recipe for Chicken Mars style: the red planet on your plate

Chicken Mars Style - the dish from our chef in Fattoria del Colle

Recipe for Chicken Mars style: the red planet on your plate

Midsummernight dream. The dish created by Antonio Corsano, chef at Fattoria del Colle, for Calici di Stelle 2012. Foto and text by Bonella Ciacci

Chicken Mars Style - the dish from our chef in Fattoria del Colle

Chicken mars Style from the chef Antonio Corsano at Fattoria del Colle

The dinner organized for the wine event that takes place on the 10th of august was completely dedicated to the stars and included dishes which reproposed old traditions or simbolic ingredients of mid summer rites. The chicken Mars style was inspird by the red planet in its colours and tastes, a balance between sweet and spicy. It is however an unpublished recipe which exalts the Tuscan products such as saffron, Vin Santo and extra virgin olive oil. Once again tradition originates a new dish which is apt for gluttons who are are attentive towards the news food trends.

The Chicken Mars Style is very good together with a velvety red wine, like it can be the Cenerentola Orcia DOC from Donatella Cinelli Colombini wineries.

Ingredients for 4 people:

2 whole chicken breasts,1/4 of a red onion , 1 sachet of saffron, 1 spoonful of

Recipe for Chicken Mars Style - ingredients

The ingredients for the Chicken Mars Style recipe

raisins soaked in Vin Santo, 1 spoonful of toasted pine-nuts, flour extra virgin olive oil, salt, mixed ground peppers (white, black and Jamaican) 2 juniper berries, 4 small slices of toasted bread
For the tomato sauce: 4 ripe tomatoes, tarragon leaves, a sprig of basil, a spoonful of cream, a little butter, salt and pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Preparation of the tomato sauce: wash the tomatoes well removing the inside, put them to boil in a little pan of salted water. When they are ready, blend them adding the tarragon leaves, the basil and some oil. Reduce the sauce, it results being quite fluid. Put the sauce in a casserole and leave to cook over a low flame adding the cream and the butter. The sauce will be ready when the consistency is similar to a cream.

Preparation for the chicken:
Open the chicken breasts and divide them into 8 fillets, cover in flour and lightly fry in a pan with oil and onion.
As soon as they have acquired a golden colouring add the saffron (previously dissolved in a glass with some lukewarm water), the raisins with their Vin santo and the pine-nuts. Add salt.
Prepare 4 plates putting on the bottom of each some tomato sauce which has previously been prepared, then a slice of warm toasted bread , on these place 2 fillets of chicken each. Before serving add the ground mixed peppers.

NB. The tomato sauce can be substituted with a red pepperoni sauce.