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Urban Trekking for All Saints’ weekend, do it in Tuscany

Urban Trekking for All Saints’ weekend, do it in Tuscany

Step after step discover the beauty in and around you: urban trekking in Siena and Asciano, sleeping at Fattoria del Colle October 28th to November 1st

Raffaello?-Asciano-Sant'Ippolito-Urban -Trekking--2016-

Raffaello?-Asciano-Sant’Ippolito-Urban -Trekking–2016-

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

We will be waiting for you in the most beautiful countryside in Tuscany for this long bank holiday weekend. Urban trekking in Siena and Asciano  is an experience that you will adore: there are so many incredible surprises for you, such as the first work by Raffaello. At Fattoria del Colle there is a program (on our web site with prices) including tastings, visit, brief cookery lessons, and dinners that you will not find anywhere else


I created urban trekking in 2002 when I was tourist advisor for Siena and now there are walking trails in every city of art and even urban trekking shoes-

Brunello_fermentation-room-Casato -Prime Donne_ All-Saint's- weekend

Brunello_fermentation-room-Casato -Prime Donne-All-Saint’s- weekend

This is a success because it coincides with thy ways people prefer travelling now: no longer in the great masses and those roads where there are only stores for tourists, they prefer to be in contact with those who live in an area. It is the same trend as choosing to sleep I private homes rather than hotels. In other words I anticipated times!

The National urban trekking day 2016 is October 31st, the eve before all saints day. Among the 51 participating cities I have chosen the two closest (Asciano e Siena) to Fattoria del Colle to invite you to come for a walk with me, maybe using my country inn as a base.

Urban trekking is a healthy type of tourism because it tones the muscles and regenerates the mind by letting you discover places and stories that otherwise would remain hidden; our cities are real open air museums and the urban trekking reveals the art work like in a treasure hunt. Everybody can participate, of any age, becoming explorers, and this time there are really many discoveries.


4 km Trekking departing at 3 pm from the Information office in corso Matteotti (Asciano is 15 km from Fattoria del Colle)

All Saint's weekend-Asciano

All Saint’s weekend-Asciano

Asciano is a place with incredible Roman and Medieval traces (there is a mosaic in the chemist’s garden) that talk about commercial exchanges and pilgrimages. In Cordoli, that was once the home of the noble Bandinelli family, there are complex and colourful frescoes portraying the Seasons, professions and the Aristotele philosophy as well as works by Giovanni Pisano, Lorenzetti and Valdambrino. But in the 2016 urban trekking the real gem is in the small Sant’Ippolito church, it is a fresco portraying four saints and the Madonna on the throne.



It is by Umbrian artists at the end of the 15th century. At a first glance the painting seems strange:  in polyptychs the Vergine is what was painted best, where the maestro (Pinturicchio?) worked personally leaving the youngsters of the shop to work on the side parts. In this case, on the contrary, one of the Saints on the right proves to have been painted with a superior quality; there is a clear assonance to the Perugino. Another surprise is on the Saint’s collar, the letters RAPH ad then maybe behind a curl in the hair has a V. It is visible only when looking close up, as if, whoever did it wanted to hide it. Could it be the signature of Raphael Urbinas often expressed with just RV, and that Raffaello (Sanzio) from Urbino will put well on show in his work done as an adult, but maybe during his stay in Asciano e could not use. If he is the painter of the figure, then it must be his first known painting, done when he was maybe 13 or 14 years old but was already aware of his talent so that he wished to distinguish himself from the other Umbrian artists. Go and see it and you will be participants of a true discovery.


5 km trail departures from 3 to 5 pm every 15 minutes, from Piazza del Campo (Siena is 40 km from Fattoria del Colle)



The Gothic capital will surprise you for the number and quality of its hidden masterpieces and the trekking will take you in places closed to the public or distant from the great tourist fluxes. During the Jubilee of Mercy year the jubilee pilgrimages are the connection with the 31st of October trail: the Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala, oldest European hospital, San Raimondo al Refugio, place practically impossible to enter, even for the Sienese, with a series of paintings from the seventeenth century that takes your breath away, the  basilica di Provenzano with its history of miracles and “anti-Florentine” devotion, the San Francesco convent with a portrait of Bonifacio VIII painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Papa Bonifacio announced the 1300 Jubilee and proclaimed the Holy year, triggering the first tourism boom in history.

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