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The Brunello red Fiat 500

The Brunello red Fiat 500

Enough of Burgundy red, now we must begin using Brunello red, which is much trendier. So here is the new two tone Fiat 500, grey and Brunello red, for those who wish to be stylish

Brunello-red- Fiat- 500

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne

The Brunello colour

There is an Alfa Romeo in Brunello red and even a Brunello coloured nail gel. In India there is a Brunello red shoe factory with a photo gallery of celebrities wearing them.

So the name Brunello is used often on many types of products, and not only in Italy. But the Fiat 500 Brunello red  is a “love mark” , as we learn from Kevin Roberts from Saatchi & Saatchi , because it has a binding with the affection we all have for this small car symbol of the Italian miracle and for the Italian wine that is among the most loved the world over. A double love mark consequently!

Sergio Marchionne and Brunello


Matteo Ascheri, son to my dear friend Cristina and President of the Consorzio del Barolo, will have been most put out. I do understand his disappointment, as it would have been more probable to expect from the Turin factory a Barolo red Fiat 500! But, as quite rightly stated by WineNews the recently departed CEO Sergio Marchionne, to whom we must presumably credit this recent Fiat 500, was a great estimator of the wine from Montalcino. In fact during his participation in Benvenuto Brunello, in 2007, he confessed to have started to drink wine only after he was 40, and that he had been charmed by the wine from Montalcino.

In that very same occasion he underlined the International character of the Montalcino brand << A large part of my career has been spent abroad, and if there is one thing that is known by everyone for its excellent quality, it is Brunello, an icon that represents Italy. The ability of our country to produce things that are truly excellent is something we have in common”.

Fiat 500 new collection


So here for you is the  new Fiat 500 “Collezione”, which features unique new liveries that include Two-tone Brunello, a grey and wine red combination that pays homage to autumn, the season of warm colours and harvests. It is apt for refined and trendy people, but also those with a young style. In fact if Barolo inspires something regal but quite aloof, asort of aristocratic and staid Piedmont gentleman, Brunello on the other hand inspires sentiments that are closer to nature and an informal and lively elegance. So this is probably the right colour for the Fiat 500, the most loved car by the Italians after the Ferrari, but that red is from the Italian flag, and does not resemble the warm tones of a fine wine apt for a long aging.