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Power and slandering or the power of slandering (2)

Power and slandering or the power of slandering (2)

There are those who are reproving me because I publicly reacted to a slandering attack. Maybe they are right, but if you say quite the slanderers win

The existence of a “crow” that spreads false information has been confirmed by the indignated reaction of the Coldiretti Association to the article published in the daily web site “Tre Bicchieri” by “Gambero Rosso”. The text read <<The fact is that Mrs Colombini with difficulty will become president because of the opposition from Coldiretti>>. Coldiretti thought that I was the source of such information but obviously it didn’t come from me, it would have been suicidal.

I think that it come from the same “crow” who obviously has who helps him because the ”Tre Bicchieri” journalist Corsentino told me that he had received it from people in Montalcino and that he had verified it. In press language this means that at least two sources told him the same thing.

So as the news did not come from me (as I said I have no suicidal instincts) and as Coldiretti, directly from its highest managers says that it is false, so who gave it to “Tre Bicchieri”?

This “crow” talks a bit too much doesn’t he?!

I’m asking myself, is it right to keep quiet, or is it right to react because otherwise this “crow” conditions our lives? Suffering in silence, feeling dirty because of this gossip behind our backs, we will be guided like puppets.
I will not accept this, and I will react with all my strength against these people even though this will happen at a high cost. This small minority of slanderers must be isolated and defeated.

I remember an occasion nearly 10 years ago when I had a long talk with Massimo Ferretti, when his reputation had been destroyed by these slanderers. I was very close to Massimo but I had believed in this gossip and tried to deter him from candidating himself again as mayor He explained to me that he wanted to re candidate himself because one must not bow to the will of slanderers . Massimo died also because of the stress created by that situation.

You see to rebel against slanderers is very hard. Whatever reaction covers you in mud even more, and you feel even worse. But only facing this small minority of slanderers- who obviously choose times of elections as their favourite battle ground- only facing them will they be defeated.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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