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The 10 TOP wine stores in the world

Angel’s Wine Tower Bar, at Radisson’s Stansted Airport hotel London

The 10 TOP wine stores in the world

Starting from the high tech location with acrobats who get the bottles flying, to the 55 km of underground tunnels, in this world you can find all sorts

Read for you by  Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Angel’s Wine Tower Bar, at Radisson’s Stansted Airport hotel London


Always up-to-date the British magazine The Drinks Business has found the top 10 wine stores, the most sensational in the world. Please do not imagine silent temples for rare and expensive wines …. No! To get into this list it is important to astonish, to be unique, glamorous, to be sofiticately beautiful and be unreachable….

It’s the blog Wine Meridian which has picked up the news from the other, and it has made me curious of the magical world of dream wine stores and now I will tell you about them inviting you to go and read the other two blogs which will fascinante you more and better then mine:

• Mistral Wine & Champagne Bar San Paolo in Brazil 100 square metres of refined winemaking and technology created by the great Architect Arthus Casas. Guests get a tablet to use for choosing, getting information and judge.

Le Cirque restaurantin New York heir of the celebreties’ restautant opened by Siro Maccioni in 1974. The new one was created in 2006 and is in

Le Cirque restaurant in New York City, US


the  Bloomberg Building. As a homage to the French concept of circus it has a kaleidoscope dome full of prestigious bottles. I have had the pleasure of dining with Siro Maccioni and his wife at the American Consulate inFlorence a few years ago, I have very pleasant memories of him. He is extraordinary for his courage, creativity and ability in creating excellence.

•Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel which has sselves of bottles instead of walls.

Mistral Wine & Champagne Bar in São Paulo, Brazil


• The Queens Lane Wine Silo and Shop in Jackson,Wyoming, is inspired by the lodges found in the great Parks. As it was impossible to store the bottles underground special spiral staircases have been created surrounded by bottles that go  up into the roof.

Angel’s Wine Tower Bar, at Radisson’s Stanstead Airport hotel inLondon, a tower full of  1.000 bottles inside an enormous glass tower where lady acrobats swing to get the bottles. This is really sensational. And one must say that we all think of Stanstead because of the low cost flights …so it would be worth it to go just to see the tower with its wine angels.

• Weinhandlung Kreis wine shop in Germany 12,000 bottles of wine between the display and coloured crates

•Modern Pacific Heights San Francisco, very modern in shiny stainless steel and glass, wants to give the impression of a cellar with no end.

• Tennessee Estate belonging to  Jamie Beckwith in a Maroccan style with led lightings and bluish transparent walls  that imitate the Arab arches

• Cricova Winery the second largest cellar in  Moldavia 120 km long containing more than 1 million bottles. The tunnels were dug out in rocks in the 15th century and then used for wines during the last century. This is a wine citadel that goes down until 100 metres below with storerooms and tasting halls.

• Milestii Mici in Moldavia has the  Guinness record for being the largest wine store in the world with one and a half million bottles in ageing in55 kmof underground tunnels. The oldest bottles dates back to 1968 and every year the collection gets enriched with a new vintage.

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