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Women and wine 10 false clichés

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Women and wine 10 false clichés

Julien Miguel the most social wine maker in the world shows us 10 common clichés regarding women and wine that must be exposed, 1st point they buy the most wine

images1By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Orcia Doc, Fattoria del Colle

Social Vignerons the blog by Julien is one of the most influent the world over and his followers are worthy of the quality of his articles: 254.825 on Twitter, 14.445 son Facebook, 40.058 on  Instagram, 7.334 on LinkedIn … practically all of those who love reading about wine online.



The posts that are published by this French winemaker, who turned to the web while in New Zealand, to then return to Europe last year, are always very interesting.  The article << Women and Wine? Let’s shrug off dusty clichés!>>  is to be framed. Read it and then continue scouring his blog because Social Vignerons will fascinate you.

So let us see which are these myths to be exposed regarding wines and women that Julien Miguel re-proposes from the graph by Feminalise the wine competition that takes place in Beaune in Burgundy –this year it will be on April 6th – and regards 4.000 labels from all over the world blind tasted by a jury of 750 female experts from 18 nations

  1. Men buy more wine than women– INCORRECT Women are the 1st buyers of wine in the world. In the US: Women make 83% of wine purchase UK: 80%     France: 70%         Switzerland: 60% Australia: 57%
  2. Women only drink white and sweet wines-INCORRECT They drink mostly Red. On the American continent and Europe, women drink: Red 57%, White 30%, Rosé 13%
  1. Men drink all the wine, women wash the glasses -INCORRECT: Women drink more wine than men More than 51% of wine drinkers are women everywhere in the world. 85% of them think that wine is a moment of pleasure and sharing


  2. Women don’t know how to buy wine. WRONG: They buy wine mostly for its ability to pair perfectly with food. Women’s choice is driven by variety, region or country, label and suitability with food. While men’s wine selection is more status-driven, drawn to particular brands with price factor. Overall, nearly 1/5 women that are highly involved, meaning knowledgeable about wine, have an interest in the category and/or consider themselves collectors
  3. Wines made by women are for women FALSE: There is no specific wine for women

For example, while tasting wines at Feminalise World Wine Competition, the 100% female jury would not make the difference between a wine made by a women or a man.

  1. This is still a very macho industry INCORRECT: There are more and more women in the Wine industry. Here the percentages of women in the main wine professions. Winemakers: France: 33% are female, Spain: 50% Sommeliers: France: 25% are women, Japan, Sweden, Russia: 80%, Italy: 40%. Winegrowers: France: 28% are female, Italy: 30%.
  2. Women are not adventurous about wine FALSE: Women are more likely to buy a wine they’ve never tried before… Based on the label when browsing, or based on a recommendation from friends, family, and offer on premise staff, rather than seek out a wine they’ve read about. Women seek for pleasure and emotions, an overall experience while men are more about techniques and brand names.


  3. Women are more futile. WRONG: Women buy wine because they like the way they taste. Women generally don’t buy wines based on female-marketed wine labels. No interest or turned off by wine being gender specific: almost 40% of Female buyers in the USA. Wines created for and are marketed specifically to women: only 26% of Female buyers.
  4. Women buy randomly and impulsively APPARENTLY NOT: 66% of female wine purchases are planned
  5. Women who drink wine are inhibited WRONG: Unfortunately for many of them they lack of self-confidence! 18% of male drinkers pretend to know better very well about wines vs 12% of female drinkers 30% of male drinkers proclaim identify very well the wine aromas vs only 17% of female drinkers.
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