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 THE  FATTORIA DEL COLLE RESTAURANT PRESENTS ITS SUMMER MENU WITH LOTS OF TUSCANY AND A LITTLE IMAGINATION. THE NEW DISH BY CHEF DORIANA MARCHI By Donatella Cinelli Colombini #winedestination [caption id="attachment_79336" align="alignleft" width="300"] Doriana Marchi, chef at Fattoria Del Colle restaurant[/caption]  Doriana Marchi, chef of the Fattoria del Colle restaurant is like a Tuscan DOCG for being born and raised in the area and has also been an AIS Sommelier since 2013. She shares my passion for local gastronomic traditions but adds great creativity and an aesthetic sense to these which makes her dishes colourful.Her 2023 novelty is the “Ricotta and spinach ravioli...


New and old protagonists, new and old recipes for the Fattoria del Colle restaurant which will now serve its banquets also under a starry sky


vegetarian starter restaurant Fattoria del Colle

vegetarian starter restaurant Fattoria del Colle

The characters are all local to give a touch of identity to a restaurant where everything speaks Tuscan: panorama of the Orcia vineyards and the medieval village of Trequanda, the wines of the two cellars belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini, the collection of ancient copper objects, the traditional dishes …



The AIS Sommelier Alfredo Biagi is the director of the restaurant hall and above all of the wine  service, these he presents with great narrative ability. In fact, they are Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, Orcia, Chianti Supertuscan, classic Spumante …. products from the cellars of Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle, the absolute protagonists of the restaurant.

Alfredo Biagi is from Chianciano Terme where his family arrived at the end of the 19th century and experienced the golden age of the thermal spa. His grandfather opened the first wine shop in Chianciano and his family managed hotels and restaurants. He himself directed, for many years, Villa Nottola in Montepulciano. Next to him the young Giulia Finetti.

In the kitchen chef Doriana Marchi who was born and lived in Arezzo but descended from a family from Sinalunga. After the catering school she became a sommelier in 2013. In her professional past there are the 1st ONAF course on cheeses and the activity at Villa Petrischio together with the starred chef Valter Passeri.


It is a “wine” restaurant because it overlooks the vineyards, bases its menu on tradition and  the great wines by Donatella Cinelli Colombini and it has two AIS Sommeliers




Today and tomorrow, I will present to you the protagonists and the new recipes of the Fattoria del Colle Restaurant in Trequanda, in the most intact and panoramic Tuscan countryside. The restaurant is actually made up of two restaurants: the recently restored barn as a hall for banquets, conferences and parties, and the gourmet restaurant, which has existed since 1998. The latter is inside the hamlet where the farmers used to live and where today there are rooms and apartments for tourists. The restaurant is housed in the old ox stables and pigsty, although now, with the floral decorations on the walls and refined furnishings, it seems difficult to believe.

In summer, the internal rooms extend outwards into the terrace and romantic grove illuminated with small suspended light bulbs as in ancient peasant feasts. The grove and terrace above the cellar are in great demand for weddings and allow each couple to create a very personalized wedding party unlike any other. Every detail is thought out with care, even the lighting of the grove is designed by Philip Robinson – the English set designer of famous films such as “Four weddings and a funeral”.

In the menu of the Fattoria del Colle Restaurant we find the same mix of tradition, accuracy and creativity.


Casato Prime Donne Award incubator of TOP young talents

The Casato Prime Donne 2022 Award adds to the previous activities that of incubator for future leaders. Here is the selection for pastry chefs and goldsmiths




Communicators, goldsmiths, pastry chefs, language and agriculture students under 30 years of age will be involved in the Casato Prime Donne Award by carrying out training experiences, receiving visibility or stimuli capable of motivating them and opening up new professional and human horizons for them.
The project includes collaborations with the University of Siena – Department of Communication Sciences and with two Sienese schools. At the same time, two small competitions are held for the selection of the best young talents in the goldsmith and pastry fields.



The best young pastry chef will be chosen by a jury composed of the gastronomy journalist Marzia Morganti, Helle Poulsen Tesio, author of 16 books on Italian cuisine and the chef Doriana Marchi from Fattoria del Colle. To compete, you must be under 30 years of age and have been residing in Tuscany for at least 5 years. You need to create a new cake dedicated to women and send the photo of the cake with the recipe (without the doses of the ingredients) to info@cinellicolombini.it by May 30th  along with some biographical notes. The chosen pastry chef will make the cake (or the cakes) for 80 people which will be served in the occasion of the award giving  ceremony on September 17th. Obviously, the cake will be paid for, the recipe will remain secret (subject to his/her authorization) and the young pastry chef will enjoy national visibility thanks to the photos and the social and traditional communication linked to the prize.