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Brunello in the famous manga Drops of God

Gocce di Dio

Brunello in the famous manga Drops of God

The famous Japanese manga “Kami no Shizuko”  – “The Drops of God”, reaches the Brunello territory. In the pages of this  comic one sees the streests of Montalcino,the wineries, some of the most popular bottles and even Stefano Campatelli director of the Consorzio del Brunello

di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Gocce di Dio

Drops of God

The who shrug and say  << it is only a comic>> is very mistaken. “The drops of God” is an editorial phenomenon of gigantic proportions, 500.000 copies sold weekly in also in Chinese and French.The manga heros have often influenced consumers choices in Japan, but none of them had ever become so popular so as to be listened to more than real experts in flesh and blood.  Shizuku Kanzaki, the protagonist in “Kami no Shizuku”, is now the most important sommelier in Japan , consequently his positive ratings multiply the sales.

This manga story is very suggestive:  Shizuku discovers wine after his fathers death, he had been a famous enologist, and he leaves an unusual will, the description of  the twelve best wines in the world in his opinion, each compared to new of Jesus’ 12 disciples. The person who will find the  «disciples» will inherit his wine cellar full of precious bottles. Tasting after tasting Shizuku tries to identify these wines but he must also defend himself from his step brother Itsusei Tomine, who is a very competent wine maker also after his father’s legacy. Shizuku will surely win, but who knows after how many edition, and who knows if Brunello di Montalcino will be one of the 12 chosen wines.

2009 - Drop of God

2009 - Drops of God

The Brunello wine met the authors of “Kami no Shizuku” in 2009 when they created the celebration tile for the vintage which was presented .Those coming to Montalcino can see it on the facade of the old medieval town hall together with the other commemorative tiles which represent the most recent vintages. Their tile represents a beautiful young woman, in the typical romantic and elegant manga style.

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