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March is the month of resumes: 2011 year of great successes and little income

Excellent ratings

March is the month of resumes: 2011 year of great successes and little income

6 wines with a rating superior to in “Wine Spectator” in 2011, is something exceptional, practically incredible for a small winery like ours.

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Excellent ratings

Excellent ratings

Something of which we are extremely proud and that pays back for the enormous work of replanting the vineyards done since 1998. A result which is especially due to the all female cellar staff . Valérie Lavigne’s conviction in emphasizing the local specificities is also beginning to reap in positive results.

In other words an extraordinary result which has had an immediate effect on the foreign markets. In 2011 the cellar concluded the year with an increase in sales turnover of 5,4% entirely due to the foreign markets who have marked a +44% able to fill the losses of the Italian market. The Brunello has literally taken off with a +19% to be connected with the excellent quality of the wines, the 5 star harvest and the excellent ratings on the most authoritative foreign press: Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate.

The difficulty in operating in the years of deep economic crisis are very evident in the budgets, with production costs increasing more than the incomes. More expensive refuse, electricity, water, bank interest rates, transport…all of this weighs on the wineries colouring in red the economic results.
Let’s hope that the government makes the IMU tax lighter for wineries, farm buildings etc avoiding in this way a 2012 with companies shutting down and firing their employees.

So as to be able to compete in the international high level markets Italian wines need investments, small productions and very qualified labour in all sectors: from the pruning to the. Maybe the new taxes will solve an immediate problem but the might crate serious difficulties for the Italian wines in a permanent way.

So , in the project “Sviluppo Italia” is agriculture included?

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