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Wine log. In Brunello land's, waiting for the 5 stars

Wine log. In Brunello land's, waiting for the 5 stars

Once again Montalcino proves itself to be a wine producing region of excellence.

The favourable climate, the hilly land full of stones,the choice of producing fewer grapes, but most of all the presence of top rate technicians and grape pickers makes Montalcino a territory able to bring grapes to perfect ripening before the arrival of the autumn rainfalls.

This year the thinning out of grapes just before their changing of colour helped the vines bring to ripening the clusters left on the plants. This operation together with the diminishing of the leafage, which uncovered the grapes, accelerated the last part of the vegetative cycle.

At the end of September all our best vineyards were ready, at the same time. We were expecting this acceleration and so we increased the amount of pickers. Even the administration staff gave a helping hand, standing at the sorting table where they removed the odd bits of stem that escaped the de-stemmer.

Last week, on October 5th, our 2010 harvest finished.

An easy harvest of extraordinary quality.

It began on September 13th with the Traminer and the Merlot; on the 21st the pickers entered the Sangiovese vineyards for the Brunello. On September 27th theFoglia Tonda was picked, and after the Sangiovese for the Doc Orcia and for theChianti, and finally the Rosso di Montalcino and for last the Sagrantino.

During the harvest there has been only one great rainfall on the night of September 18th when 50mm of water fell at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda and 30 at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino.

The mist and the autumnal showers arrived at the end of September. The grapes were very sound and small. The future Brunello had potential alcohol of 14% vol, acidity around 7, extractable poliphenols for about 600 mg/lt and well lignified seeds. The 2010 vinification is characterized by longer macerations than usual. The must and then the wine have remained in contact with the skins from 18 to 25 days.

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